How To Overcome COVID-19 Weight Gain - October 2020 Newsletter

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October Newsletter 2020

Since the start of the pandemic, most American adults have gained an average of about 12-15 pounds. One survey from the United Kingdom found that more than 50% of test subjects struggled to maintain their weight during lockdown. Additionally, doctors in the United Kingdom and the United States saw an increase in patients who expressed concern about weight gain.

First thing’s first, the pandemic flipped everyone’s life upside down. Many of the things that motivated people to stay healthy (wearing a special outfit to an event, getting dressed for work, attending a wedding or reunion, or staying in shape for dates) vanished, so there was no incentive for people to remain at a healthy weight.

You may not be able to change the current state of the world, but you can take control of other things in your life. Mental health professionals recommend that people do things that help break the high stress/weight gain cycle. You’ll find helpful tips to overcome your COVID-19 weight gain by clicking below.

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