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How Not to Get Sick this Winter



You know those people who never get sick? Like ever? We assume they must have super human immunity — and maybe they do.


For the rest of us mortals, staying healthy when the weather outside is frightful takes a little effort. We’ve compiled some of our best suggestions and strategies for keeping those colds at bay. Some tips are preventative, designed to help you not get sick and still others are designed to help you get better fast.


  1. Stop Touching Yourself. Those who touch their eyes and nose throughout the day, are 41% more likely to catch a cold during the winter. Unless you’re walking around with sterile surgical gloves, keep your mitts off your mug. If your eye itches, rub it with your sleeve. Seriously.
  2. Reduce Stress. Stress wears you and your immune system down, leaving you prone to colds and other health issues. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin at Madison found that people who meditated took 76% fewer sick days than those who were not so zen. Meditation isn’t the only way to reduce stress. Consider going out with friends, having a relaxing day at the spa, or spending time with your puppy.
  3. Keep Your Nose Warm. Your nose is your body’s first line of defense against infection. When you inhale, little hairs called cilia go to work filtering out the good from the bad. As the temperature drops and your face gets cold, however, the cilia slow down and become less vigilant, allowing viruses to slip into your system.

100% Full Body Cleanse Approved™ Turmeric Tonic for Cold and Flu



Turmeric is one of the most medically potent spices in the world. It slows cancer growth, repairs Alzheimer's damage, forces tumor cells to commit suicide and on and on and on.

Turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties are so powerful, no flu or cold remedy would be complete without it. Get this tonic up and running, so you’ll be ready when sniffles strike. As the instructions indicate, this remedy has to sit for a few weeks, so don’t wait until you need it to make it.


Fight a Cold the Vegan Way with this Spiced Tomato, Kale, and Red-Lentil Soup



This Spiced Red Lentil soup may not have been designed to cure the common cold, but its hearty ingredients—jam-packed with spices and antioxidants—are amazingly formulated to get you feeling right as rain.


All About Frankincense


Though most famous for being one of the gifts bestowed upon baby Jesus from the Magi, Frankincense has been traded throughout the ancient world for over 5,000 years.
Frankincense is a form of sap that comes from the boswellia tree. While most commonly used for perfume, it's also been used in Asian and African medicinal traditions for its ability to improve digestion and promote healthy skin. Furthermore, frankincense is employed in the Ayurvedic tradition to treat arthritis, help heal wounds, strengthen the female hormonal system, and purify the air.
Today scientists are investigating frankincense's potential cancer fighting properties. Although the dried sap is safe to eat, we recommend you consume only translucent frankincense without black or brown impurities. All other kinds you can burn on Christmas eve!


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Anti-Aging Formula


Every time our cells divide, tiny, tiny errors get written into our DNA. At first, these errors don’t make much of a difference, but over a lifetime, these errors can add up, leaving us low on energy, prone to disease, and, well — feeling old. Our Anti-Aging Formula is jam-packed with antioxidants and other compounds that have been carefully designed to keep your body on track and your cells error-free. Think of it like quality control, but for your body — and after all that holiday fare, we could all use a little quality control.


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