January 2015 Astrology Newsletter


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Aries’ Life Horoscope

The January 4 Full Moon pits family concerns against work demands. Work may be trying to drive you crazy, but you don't have to fall for it. Be calm and clear, and don't get rattled. Wednesday, January 14, and Thursday, January 15, avoid strife or disagreements with a boss or authority figure. Try to see things from their side and let it go. The New Moon on January 20 scrambles your social life and rearranges some alliances or friendships. You may be able to read between the lines and see other people's secret agendas. Don't lose your temper or cling to what's old and stale.


Aries’ Love Horoscope
You may be tempted to overdo everything in terms of your romantic life today, which will not make things better, as you may have been hoping. The celestial influence could make you feel that by giving of yourself to the maximum and doubling your efforts, you will get some kind of reward. In fact, it is better right now to be more sparing in the display of your affections.
Aries’ Money Horoscope
Your aggressive tendencies may get you in trouble among your co-workers and even your employer, so be careful. You are better off lying low than actively trying to push the buttons or rattling the cages of others who are simply not in the mood.
Astrologer’s Advice For Aries
The heaviness of the day weighs on you, Aries. Take your time with projects and carefully evaluate all the facts before making a decision. People can be deceptive, so be careful in all your dealings. You may be going through a period in which you care less about material possessions and concern yourself with spiritual things. This is a great time to delve into the occult.


Taurus’ Life Horoscope
The urge for quality friend time and the charming distractions of short trips may overtake you with the Full Moon on January 4. Post-holiday fatigue won't slow you down. In fact, bigger trips might beckon. Keep control of your time, money, and real or imagined social obligations. Be ready and willing to take on more at work during the New Moon on January 20. It shouldn't be a challenge, but it might need more time than you have, in which case just say so. Love makes an appearance on Tuesday, January 27. Possible are unexpected affection and a tenderhearted reaction to a tiny kindness.
Taurus’ Love Horoscope
You have quite a task on your hands in getting another person to see things your way. Just as you think you have almost got them to agree, they come up with another objection or criticism. It is going to take some careful discussion with a loved one before they really see the light. But don't give up now!
Taurus’ Money Horoscope
Your good nature and honest approach will win you big points in the workplace today. Be sure to be extra courteous to others. A positive attitude - more than knowledge or skills - will be what gives you the leg-up you are hoping for in your career.
Astrologer’s Advice For Taurus
Your fantasy world is especially piqued today, Taurus. Your need to escape physical reality is strong. Be careful about how you go about this. Dreams may take you there, but be rational so you aren't left more confused than before. Keep your energy pure and clean. Other people will recognize you for your tender, sensitive nature, so feel free to be confident with your words.










Gemini’s Life Horoscope
A money matter might get your attention around the Full Moon on January 4. A friend or family member may point it out or perhaps cause it in the first place. It's nothing you can't handle, and it will affect someone else more than you. Be busy and enjoy the January 20 New Moon. You'll have the magic touch at work, and that will leave you plenty of time and energy for a big break or even a getaway. The weekend of January 30 is fun but full of confusion and misunderstandings. Be tolerant and ready for lateness, dropped calls, and lost parked cars.
Gemini’s Love Horoscope
You may have to do a lot more fishing around in order to get the answers you have been seeking. Unfortunately, if someone is being purposely evasive, you will not be in the frame of mind to cope with this. On the other hand, it won't help if you try to force information out of them, either. Try and be reasonable if possible.
Gemini’s Money Horoscope
Trying to convince people of your ideas will fail today unless you have feelings and passion behind your words. Others will be able to see right through a flimsy idea that has no solid support. Be prepared before you present yourself to others.
Astrologer’s Advice For Gemini
People may tug at you from all sides today, Gemini. No matter which way you turn, someone is there. Be patient and levelheaded. Your time will come. For now, look at these challenges as lessons for the future and learn from them. Your point of view isn't the only one in the world. It would probably be a good thing if you worked on incorporating other people's opinions into your own.
Cancer’s Life Horoscope
The January 4 Full Moon is all yours, so be bold and let people think what they like. You could especially startle a lover or partner, all for the better. Have fun but don't be mean about it. People may try to eat up your time and attention at the New Moon on January 20. Hold your ground and be reassuring. Someone or something that occurs far away could inspire you and expand and improve your world. Don't crawl into your shell now. Saturday January 31 could be emotional and super sensitive. Spend it with someone who understands your moods and knows how to listen.
Cancer’s Love Horoscope
The celestial energy brings a few important issues to a head concerning a close personal relationship. You know that it holds a great deal of potential, yet there is one outstanding problem that, no matter how much you'd like to, you just can't ignore. It would help if you could both get together and talk openly about this, as it may not be as bad as it seems.
Cancer’s Money Horoscope
The tables have turned and you are suddenly in very good standing with your boss and the people around you. Events in the workplace will go smoothly for you and your overall confidence will be stronger than usual. Ask for favors now - don't wait.
Astrologer’s Advice For Cancer 
Today is a great day to check off all the items on that list of yours, Cancer. Get it done. At the same time, realize that your emotions might be a bit clouded and that things that seem genuine may actually be just a mirage. Issues of a spiritual nature are of primary concern. You should make sure you're nurturing this side of your being. Think with your heart.




Leo’s Life Horoscope
Relax and don't let anyone throw you off your game at the Full Moon on January 4. Nerves and emotions may still be roiling from the holidays, and you deserve your downtime at home as much as anyone. Starting Wednesday, January 7, perk up and rediscover some of that personal magic and your usual good luck. Love, romance, or simply lavishing more time on a partner may take precedence around the January 20 New Moon. There's magic in the air, so it's worth your while to see what others are up to. Find some new magic of your own, too, and don't hoard it. It's perishable.
Leo’s Love Horoscope
Romance could be a little like a roller-coaster ride right now. Feelings will be running high, and there is a higher chance of thinking or suspecting the worst and of noticing the less savory aspects of your sweetheart's behavior. It might help if you spend some time in conversation, being honest with each other. If this doesn't work, perhaps give each other some space.
Leo’s Money Horoscope
Don't purposely pull the wool over someone else's eyes today in order to boost your favor with the boss. The truth of your actions will eventually surface and you will be in worse standing than ever. Stick with an honest, open, and sincere approach.
Astrologer’s Advice For Leo
Today is a great day to let your artistic nature shine through, Leo. Your sense of color and pattern is right on target and your words are more poetic than usual. Create a time and space for your creative inner nature to manifest on the physical plane. Let your fantasy world spill onto a piece of paper for others to see. You have tremendous gifts. Feel free to share them with the world.
Virgo’s Life Horoscope
Friends or associates may want to meet at your place during this Full Moon on January 4. You could be greatly inspired and high on a creative streak that doesn't leave much room for socializing. It's your place - you decide. The weekend of January 10 can be fun and romantic, but unmet expectations and disappointments may follow. Take good care of yourself around the New Moon on January 20, although if one more person tries to tell you how to eat or exercise, you might want to slap them. Redirect that temper and energy into something fun and beautiful - just for you.
Virgo’s Love Horoscope
The current alignment of the planets offers a chance to get to know that special person just a little better. But you will need to be more adventurous than you have been in the past. Firstly, there is no point in beating yourself up about all the times you could have made a move and didn't. Secondly, you need to have more confidence in your own abilities and faith in your charms.
Virgo’s Money Horoscope
Loyalty to your work is a key part of your success - especially today. Demonstrate this loyalty by going a step beyond what is expected of you. If you don't feel the desire to dedicate yourself to this degree at your current job, then find a new one.
Astrologer’s Advice For Virgo
Your emotions may be confused today, Virgo. People may seem to rub you the wrong way, and you may feel like you're all alone in the world. Keep in mind that you're very sensitive and capable of picking up things that other people miss. You cut through the masks and see right to the core of every issue. Give yourself credit for being a passionate detective.
Libra’s Life Horoscope
Work demands may not increase under the January 4 Full Moon, but your reactions might be heightened. Keep a level head and don't let events at home complicate matters. Relax and be your normal, efficient self. As of Monday, January 12, people should become more friendly, agreeable, and less demanding. Maybe make a new friend. The New Moon on January 20 is full of tempting fun and games, invitations, and offers of dates. Pace yourself. Work some personal magic at home and watch a family matter instantly improve or solve itself. You can always be shocking and blow off steam with your special friends.
Libra’s Love Horoscope
There may be a tendency to focus on all the reasons why a certain relationship is not working, rather than daring to consider all the possible options open to you both if it did work. The current planetary energy encourages a little creative conflict, but it will not help if you are determined to concentrate on the details rather than the bigger picture. You need to shift your perspective.
Libra’s Money Horoscope
Other people are difficult for you to deal with today. Co-workers have a rather moody aspect to them that is making it hard for you to have an effective dialogue with anyone. You are better off tabling any important issues to another day.
Astrologer’s Advice For Libra
You may be out of step with the rest of the world today, Libra, but don't sweat it. This is a good day to finish projects. Your head may be in the clouds and your emotions foggier than usual. Bring more of your fantasy world to the current reality. Don't just talk about lofty ideas and beautiful dreams - live them. You have the power to change every situation for the better.







Scorpio’s Life Horoscope
You may want to do something bigger, grander, and farther away from your usual haunts when the Full Moon shines on January 4. Friends and previous commitments and plans will help keep you grounded and from straying too far afield. Tuesday night, January 13, could get late, with too much to do, and make it hard to get to bed. The January 20 New Moon opens the door for family members to call and visit more than usual. You can be comforting and supportive without getting run over. Life may also look more magical and fun. It's no illusion. Keep this feeling all year long.
Scorpio’s Love Horoscope
The current planetary alignment encourages you to break out of a rut that may have stopped you from expressing just how you feel. You are also held back by thoughts of fear and failure, and feel like retreating further into your shell. Now is the time to be bold. It is better to be courageous and rebuffed, than never to have tried at all.
Scorpio’s Money Horoscope
Your productivity level in the workplace is extra high today so take advantage of this time. The more you accomplish, the more you will be inspired to accomplish additional goals. This positive upward cycle will lead to great success at day's end.
Astrologer’s Advice For Scorpio
Stay grounded and focused today, Scorpio, You can accomplish a lot if you set your mind to it. You may sense a blurry cloud lingering - this is your emotion talking. Amid all the goal-oriented pursuits, mental processes, and work-related issues, you have given short shrift to your feelings. It's OK to cry. Recognize that emotions are an important part of you. They deserve your 


Sagittarius’ Life Horoscope
Frustrations mount with the Full Moon on January 4. You may feel called to help someone who really doesn't need it as much as you think. Respect your own finances and needs, don't neglect yourself, and everything will be fine. Friends and social groups may tug at you during the January 20 New Moon. Even if you're asked to be an officer in some club, whatever the responsibility or honor, you'll want to know if it's convenient and fun. Save energy for the fun, friend-filled weekend starting Friday, January 30. There could be so many great ideas that it's hard to choose.
Sagittarius’ Love Horoscope
You know how it is when you are in the process of creating something: just as you think it has all gone terribly wrong, something happens and it pulls together better than you could have originally imagined. The current planetary energy brings a certain sense of conflict to a specific relationship. But, just as you think it is about to fall apart, it suddenly and magically rights itself.
Sagittarius’ Money Horoscope
Your work seems like drudgery today - even more than usual. You will feel uncomfortably chained to a situation that simply doesn't resonate with you. Don't be too rash and suddenly decide to quit. This is just a passing phase that will soon end.
Astrologer’s Advice For Sagittarius
Today's events may cause disruption in your routine, Sagittarius. Your emotions may seem clouded, and other people may challenge aspects of your ego. Relationships with the opposite gender may not be great today, so don't try to force an issue that you know will end up in conflict. There's an air of conservatism throughout the day that may not pair well with your unconventional nature. Lay low.
Capricorn’s Life Horoscope
At the January 4 Full Moon you could easily find yourself leaving a party with a total stranger who's utterly intoxicated with you. If not looking for love, try to deflect those affections in another direction and come off looking generous as well as gorgeous. Money and people may come your way with the New Moon on January 20. Be patient and pay attention and you could score big with a better job offer, more work, or simply more income without the extra work. Enjoy the weekend of January 24, but don't tire yourself out. There's no pressure to keep up with anyone.
Capricorn’s Love Horoscope
The current planetary alignment encourages you to resolve certain relationship issues. But it also urges you to take steps to move ahead with the partnership in such a way that you feel as though you are moving into a new adventure. There is a certain balance that needs to be struck, and a certain kind of dance that you would both do well to learn.
Capricorn’s Money Horoscope 
Don't be too critical of someone else's work today. This person's feelings are more sensitive than you may first realize. Too harsh of a critique may bring tears to this person's eyes. Go easy on him or her while getting your point across.
Astrologer’s Advice For Capricorn 
Turn up your fantasy dial and let your imagination run wild. Your intuition is strong today, Capricorn, and you should give your emotions room to flow. Work to clear the blockages that keep you from doing things you truly want to do. Get your ideas on paper and manifest more of your fantasy world in reality. People may be stingy, so now isn't the best time to ask for a raise or loan.
Aquarius’ Life Horoscope 
After all the holiday excitement, your energy isn't at its highest when the January 4 Full Moon strikes, and it might be best to lay low and pamper your health. Stay in, rest, take chicken soup to any ailing friends, but don't linger. The January 20 New Moon belongs to you, and you should prepare to start something new and important. Don't be caught off guard if some new, important opportunity comes your way out of nowhere. The next day, January 21, Mercury turns stationary retrograde in Aquarius. For the rest of the month, use your great people skills to keep and nurture new alliances.
Aquarius’ Love Horoscope 
Getting the balance right in a current close relationship may be difficult today, but if you persevere you will succeed. The current planetary alignment means you may both have had certain responsibilities to attend to that have meant spending less time with each other. Make a date with yourselves tonight so that you can remind each other how much you really care, and truly appreciate each other.
Aquarius’ Money Horoscope 
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you applies to the workplace as well - especially today. Be careful of directing your negative attitude towards others. You will say something you regret if you are not careful with your words today.
Astrologer’s Advice For Aquarius
Issues may be clouded today, Aquarius. The things that seem real may actually be illusions. You might find that you feel a bit more reserved than usual and that you want to hold tight to your material possessions for comfort. Keep in mind that other people are extremely important to you now and you would benefit greatly by offering your hand to those who are less fortunate.

Pisces’ Life Horoscope
It's a win/win kind of Full Moon on January 4. Fun projects at home could be extra appealing now, but your social life may compete and look like just as much fun. The January 20 New Moon brings you a profound surprise and the chance to break through great secrecy surrounding a relationship or someone's personal, passionate concern. Be thoughtful and treat people gently - you'll have great influence and personal magic now. But don't dally over something important. The magic won't last long. Saturday, January 31, overflows with romantic possibilities, some of them mere fantasy but still sweet. Be gentle and guard against hurt feelings.
Pisces’ Love Horoscope 
The celestial influence may encourage you to take the plunge with respect to a certain person whom you have kept at a distance for some time, yet have also insanely admired. However, there is a danger that you may just come on too strong, with the force of all that pent up passion, and actually put them off. It would help if you could be more relaxed!
Pisces’ Money Horoscope 
This is a high point of your week today with regard to your career. Relations with others are going well and you may even be able to make an important connection with your boss today that will open the door to future advancement opportunities.
Astrologer’s Advice For Pisces
Terrific energy flows your way today, Pisces. Make sure that what you're dealing with is genuine. There's a tendency for people to get lost in their fantasy worlds. Be aware that what seems practical today could be the opposite tomorrow. Your emotions may seem confused, but if you concentrate on releasing instead of judging them, you can sail through the day without any trouble.