Keep Your Body Healthy With These Alkaline Foods - May 2018 Newsletter

What happens to your body when it is too acidic?

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May 2018



The idea that an overly acidic body leads to a variety of illnesses is not a new concept. In his 1933 publication of A New Health Era, Dr. William Howard Hay argued that all diseases are caused by “self-poisoning,” due to the accumulation of acid in the body.

The presence of too much acid weakens the body and it can become dangerous for your organs and systems. Too much acidity is caused by poor nutrition. Americans typically consume acidifying foods like meats, processed ingredients, dairy products, refined carbs, and oily foods with saturated fats. Habits like drinking caffeine, smoking cigarettes, or consuming alcohol also contribute to acidifying the body.

How do you make your body more alkaline? Click below to find out!


This is a great breakfast or lunch item to have in your recipe arsenal. It is filled with vitamins and minerals, so you can’t go wrong!


We know some of you have been asking for a cleanse-approved Italian dressing. Well, here it is! Try it out and let us know how you like it.


If you need a little help cleansing your body and making a transition to a healthier lifestyle, look no further because Round 2 of The Dherbs 180 Challenge has arrived. This challenge is exactly what you need to help you slim down for summer while creating a healthier future. The Dherbs 180 Challenge was such as success and many people were able to turn their lives around. Challenge participants lost a combined weight of over 1,000 pounds, their lives were changed, and self-confidence was restored amongst the group. The Dherbs 180 Challenge is about diving head first into cleansing and most challengers from Round 1 saw results within the first week.* Oh, did we mention that entering the challenge gives you a shot at winning a grand prize of $5,000?


Improve Your Blood Circulation And Help Decrease Inflammation With Ginger

Belonging to the same plant family as turmeric and cardamom, ginger has been heavily studied over the past few years due to the increased popularity of alternative medicine and natural remedies. Recent studies have indicated that ginger extract can help to drastically reduce overall joint inflammation or general muscular discomfort. A mere 5 slices of raw ginger can help to improve circulation and overall heart health. In fact, Eastern cultures have used ginger to optimize heart health for thousands of years.


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Joint Aid is formulated with botanicals that help support healthy bones, joints, and muscles, in an effort to help with occasional pain from exertion or exercise. This formula also helps to support improved flexibility, strength, and range of motion in the joints and muscles by helping to cleanse the body while allowing vital nutrients to continue nourishing your body.


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