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January 2016



For most, January is a time for reflection. A time for promises — that we’re going to exercise more or eat better or get organized or quit smoking. For a few days (or weeks or months), we’re good at our new habit, really good. But nothing lasts forever, and sooner or later most of us will abandon our resolutions. And by the time the next December rolls around we will have forgotten what our resolutions were in the first place.

At the heart of a New Year’s resolution is the desire to change, a desire for things to be different, a promise that we won’t be the same people of our past. But science tells us that change isn’t easy. Like cars on a snowy highway, the signals of our brain follow the most commonly used path. Our habits are literally ingrained into our brains.
In light of all these obstacles, how is it possible then to change? How can we make a resolution and actually keep it?
Here are some highly successful and creative ways to keep your resolutions this year.

100% Full Body Cleanse Approved™ Cinnamon Persimmon Recipe



For our January smoothie recipe, we wanted to make something based on a food in season, the under-appreciated, but much beloved persimmon. Persimmons are one of our favorite foods. They taste like brown sugar and have a great texture. Also, they’re cheap. Go to a Chinese market and you can buy pounds upon pounds of the orange fruit for a few bucks.


Warm, Hearty Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie



Shepherd 's pie is a fantastic dinner in these cold winter months. It's warm and hearty and easy to cook. Unfortunately, most Shepard's pies aren't vegetarian. But this recipe is. Would you expect anything less from us? :-)


9 Things You Never Knew You Never Knew About Truffles



  1. Truffles are some of the rarest mushrooms in the world. They grow underground and sell for upwards of $28/ounce.
  2. Truffles grow in harmony with a host tree. The host tree shares necessary sugars with the truffle in exchange for phosphorous.
  3. Pigs are used to sniff out truffles, which has a chemical almost identical to the pheromone found in male pig's saliva. Men secrete the same chemical in their underarm sweat.
  4. Ancient Greeks thought truffles grew when lightning struck damp soil.
  5. Throughout history, chefs referred to truffles by many names including: "fairy apple", "black queen", "gem of poor lands" "diamond of cookery" and "fragrant nugget".
  6. In the UK, only one family held the royal warrant to search for truffles until 1930, when the decree was lifted and anyone could.
  7. In 2004, a rare Italian white truffle sold for £28,000 at auction.
  8. France, the largest producer of truffles, harvests up to 30 tons a year, down from about 1000 tons at the end of the 19th century.
  9. In the middle ages, monks were prohibited from eating truffles because it was deemed too powerful an aphrodisiac.


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January Sales

"Do not move onto 2016 without letting go of something significant from 2015. 


An old idea,

label, habit, fear, concern of ego.

Let go to free up

the white space

for something

new to enter.


–– Brendon








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