Melt Stomach Fat With These Foods - September 2018 Newsletter

Eating these foods and following a few simple dietary rules can help melt belly fat in weeks!

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September 2018



Belly fat can be stubborn and it can take a little extra effort to make it go away. People can spend hours in the gym trying to achieve rock-hard, washboard abs, but all that effort may be for naught if they aren’t eating the right foods. It’s time to double-team the bulge around the midsection with exercise and fat-burning foods.


When it comes to eating for a flatter stomach, you have to eat foods that work to boost the metabolism and keep you feeling full. Snacking is acceptable, when you are snacking on the right foods. Chips or processed sugary snacks don’t satisfy your hunger; rather, they keep you craving more, which is why it is possible to eat an entire bag of chips and still feel hungry.

If you want to do a little trimming around the midsection, use incorporate the following foods into your diet.


These delicious and easy vegetable collard wraps are the perfect light meal or healthy snack. The avocado smash helps to keep you full.


Too many stress hormones in the body can lead to anxiety, depression, and even poor gut health. Help reduce stress by drinking this juice.


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This Snack Supports Brain And Heart Health

About 78-86 percent of that fat is monounsaturated, which is beneficial for your heart because it helps to lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of stroke. One of the coolest facts about macadamia nuts is that they are one of the only foods sources that contain palmitoleic acid. This monounsaturated fatty acid actually speeds fat metabolism, ultimately reducing the body’s ability to store fat. Additionally, macadamia nuts are high in omega-9s, which work to improve memory, boost mood, and fight off neurological diseases.


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