New School Year Brings Germs And Fear: Tips To Stay Healthy - August 2019 Newsletter

Take action and use these healthy tips to keep the family healthy in the upcoming school year.

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August 2019


The beginning of the school year is fast approaching, which means that you and your child may soon be exposed to all sorts of germs and bacteria. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or full-time worker, back to school stress can affect every parent. Organizing pick-up and drop-off times, after-school practices, and packing lunches all take time out of your day, so finding a routine that works for you is the best way to stay on top of things. What steps are you taking to start the school year off on a healthy foot?

If you are a parent, “back to school” is both a blessing and a curse. The kids are finally out of the house after being at home all summer, but they are also sharing germs with all the other kids in school, coming home with the sniffles, coughs, or fevers. One of the hardest tasks as a parent is to keep your kid(s), and ultimately yourself, from getting sick as the school year begins. Lucky for you, we have some great tips to help you and your kid(s) stay healthy this fall.

We’re taking an old-timey dessert and transforming it into a nutrient-dense breakfast. It’s a fun, unique take on a childhood classic!

Fill up for dinner on this delicious zoodle recipe. You’ll forget that you are on a raw diet when you treat yourself to this entree.

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Watermelon Rinds Can Improve Circulation And May Reduce Blood Pressure Levels

Sometimes referred to as the quintessential summertime fruit, watermelons are sweet, juicy, and help to balance you pH level. You didn’t see that last one coming, did you? Eating watermelon can help to neutralize acidic components in our diets. So many people are focused on the fruit, though, that they often neglect the rind. The rind contains a surprising amount of citrulline, which gets converted into to arginine in the body. This compound is vital for healthy circulation and heart health. The rind is also beneficial for the prostate, it may help reduce blood pressure, and it contains a lot of anti-inflammatory properties.


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