One Simple Exercise Boosts Brain Health - August 2021 Newsletter

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August 2021 Newsletter

Engaging in regular physical activity benefits both your mental and physical health. It’s been known to boost overall mood, reduce stress, improve cardiovascular health, and strengthen bones and muscles. New research also points to the fact that brisk walking every day can slow the risk of cognitive decline. It promotes positive changes in white matter in older adults.

As the body ages, it starts to lose muscle mass and bone density. The brain loses about 5% of its volume every decade. The good news is that research indicates that physical activity can slow this decline of brain volume. For the average person, the ability to hold on to simple pieces of information like a street name declines during their thirties. New research suggests that the simple cardiovascular activity of walking may be able to turn back the clocks on your brain. How does it do that? Click below to find out.

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