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September 2016
Quiz: How Well Do You Sleep? The 7 Best Foods For A Healthy Prostate 
Top 5 Prostate Symptoms Men Should Look Out For 
Men aren’t always the most proactive when it comes to looking after their health. A lot of men consider themselves to be healthy, even if they are not. Sometimes a guy associates a steady, well-paying job or productiveness with being healthy, and he often ignores symptoms that indicate that something isn’t right.
We want to advise all you men on the top 5 symptoms that you should look out for. They may be nothing more than symptoms, but they should be looked at to ensure top physical health. It’s worth getting an annual checkup just to stay on top of everything. While eating healthy and exercising are beneficial to overall health, guys can still experience health symptoms, which they may dismiss as nothing out of the ordinary. Don’t be embarrassed about anything. Take action to help yourself remain or become a healthy man.
Look Out For Lumps: 
No guy is a stranger to touching his testicles, which means he should know if something is out of the ordinary. Testicular cancer is odd because it affects younger men in the 15-45 year old age bracket. It’s a good idea to perform self-examinations, a quick feel-up if you will, to see if there is a lump, swelling, heaviness, or ache in the scrotum. You want to maintain testicular health. Keep the boys healthy by switching to more of a plant-based diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Eat foods that are high in zinc to maintain health down south. And maybe let the boys breath a little by not wearing tight clothing or underwear.
Erectile Dysfunction: 
A lot of guys, most guys in fact, experience erectile dysfunction at some point in life. Although this is common, it may mean that there is an underlying condition if it is ongoing. Heart disease, depression, diabetes, or poor prostate health can cause erectile dysfunction. To help naturally fix the problem you can...
The Salad You've Been Missing Out On
Want to get a little more creative with your salads? Try this colorful Southwestern salad that is filled with essential nutrients you need.

The Best Smoothie For Prostate Health

Avocados in a smoothie? Oh yes. Once you try this, you’ll always want to have avocados in all of your smoothies! It fills you up, too!
Saw Palmetto: The Awesome Prostate Herb 
This plant has been used as an herbal remedy for many years. In more recent years, the plant’s berries have been known to help urinary tract problems, increase libido, and increase sperm production. Saw palmetto also helps to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. 
Prostate Formula
Contains plants intended to help support and maintain optimal male reproductive health. Many of these organic substances are considered to support healthy prostate, bladder, and kidney function, and to maintain healthy libido, energy, and stamina levels. This formula also maintain healthy urine flow, to help cleanse toxins and waste from the kidneys and bladder.
Anti-Viral Formula
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