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January Newsletter 2020

Let’s be real for a second and say that we’ve all made the resolution to lose weight or eat healthier in the New Year, but it didn’t quite stick past January. The intention is there, but the follow through is not. Considering that about 80-90% of people run out of steam by February, it is safe to say that the classic "lose weight, eat better" mindset for the New Year is outdated and boring.

Getting healthy can be difficult, especially since most people go about it the same way each year. This is why we recommend changing the game to shake things up for 2020. Start the new decade with a bang and focus on creating the resolutions in this article.

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Our Energy Formula contains botanicals that possess alertness properties, which can help to increase energy levels and improve stamina.

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Our all vegan Omega-3 is formulated with herb-based omega-3 essential fatty acids, which your body needs for optimal health, development, and functionality. This formula is especially vital in maintaining a healthy brain, heart, blood, and colon, as well as healthy, well-functioning joints.

Smoke-Less Formula is a combination of plants that have long since been considered beneficial in assisting the circulatory, respiratory, and hepatic systems in cleansing themselves of pollutants.


Our No Alcohol Formula contains a combination of botanicals designed to help cleanse your system, especially supporting your liver, which is important in its role in metabolism of a variety of substances, including alcohol.

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