The Secrets To Beating Belly Bloat - November 2021 Newsletter

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November 2021 Newsletter

Bloating is something that can happen in an instant. One moment you feel wonderful, and then you feel gassy, puffy, and uncomfortable the next. Belly bloat, although not life-threatening, can be cause for concern if you experience it after every meal.

If you feel like your gut is about to bust, there are foods that may help with the deflation process. The great thing is that there is very little harm in trying out natural remedies that help with bloating. Consider the anti-bloating foods in this article if you feel abdominal discomfort in the future.

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Iron Formula:
Iron formula is an herbal supplement intended to help maintain and regenerate red blood cells, to help strengthen blood vessels, and maintain proper circulation, all of which contributes to optimal overall health.


Energy Formula:
Energy Formula is an herbal supplement with plant-based energizing properties, which are intended to help improve energy, stamina, and focus. It may also help to boost mental acuity.

Bowel Motion:
Bowel Motion  is a powerful all-natural formulation of botanicals traditionally used by ancient indigenous cultures for their digestive properties. These herbs help to stimulate peristalsis, which helps to keep the bowels regular.

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