These 6 Exercises Will Get You A Six-Pack - November 2020 Newsletter

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November 2020 Newsletter

The six-pack is the holy grail of fitness. Something magical happens when you look at a person with chiseled abs. How do you get abs of steel? As with toning the rest of the body, the recipe is simple: eat a healthy diet, drink less alcohol, do ab workouts, and engage in light cardio exercises. How do you know which exercises to do, though? Well, we have six exercises that will help develop those washboard abs.

In your quest to have a shredded abdominal area, you inevitably strengthen your core. A strong core can help you improve balance, overall strength, and reduce your risk of injury when performing other exercises. The core includes all the muscles that exist between your chest and hips. Click below to see how six simple ab exercises will strengthen your core and help you get a six-pack.

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