Working Out For 4 Seconds Counteracts Sitting All Day - June 2020 Newsletter

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June Newsletter 2020

Move over interval training because there’s a new form of exercise in town. The sedentary lifestyle is commonplace in the modern world. People sit at desks for hours on end or binge-watch shows or movies on the couch. Rarely are these long periods of sitting broken up by exercise. People make excuses that they don’t have time to workout. That changes today because new research indicates that four-second, high-intensity workouts counteract the metabolic consequences of sitting all day.

A new study at UT at Austin found that short bouts of intense exercise counteract the harmful effects of sitting all day long. Sitting all day results in poor posture, slow metabolism, joint tightness, poor circulation, and an increased risk of metabolic disruptions or heart disease. These new micro workouts appear to offer more benefits than longer workouts. Click below to read more.

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Curbside Pickup Now Available At Dherbs Inc.

Dherbs Inc. is proud to launch its new "Curbside Pickup Service" at the primary Los Angeles, CA location. Pivoting to curbside pickup for Los Angeles residents is a move in the right direction, but Dherbs Inc. does not take this step lightly. Our employees will still take the proper sanitary and cautionary measures to ensure the safety of themselves as well as Dherbs customers.

The launch of this curbside service is in compliance with Phase 2 of the state's gradual easing of the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order. Your health and the health and the health of our employees are our top priorities. We greatly appreciate your patience and your continued support during these times, and we will continue to send updates as we move past Phase 2.
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