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Are You A Culinary Pro Or Average Joe?

black-woman-cookingSome people consider themselves to be culinary professionals, while others find it hard to boil water. How familiar are you with culinary terms? Do you know foods? Put your skills to the test in this quiz.


What would you use a bouquet garni in?

Of the following foods, which food is a known aphrodisiac?

Which of the following will yield the smallest pieces?

What can you do without water?

What is a mandoline used for?




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    Q: On average, how long has it taken many of your clients to notice a difference in the shrinkage of their fibroids since they began taking it?


    Everyone's body has a different reaction, there's no standard time frame for the shrinking of fibroids as they take years to develop. Some people notice a difference immediately while it may take more time for others. The diet you've kept prior to taking the supplements and while taking it plays a major role in how fast they shrink in addition to the size of the tumors.

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    Q: I bought the 10 day Liver cleanse, & I have a question about the average weight loss. Is it really between 10-25 pounds that could be released?

    A: All of the Cleanses are going to help with weight loss because of the diet that it requires you to keep.  When you eliminate waste and replenish the health of your liver, it helps with necessary weight loss.  Your body has it's own intelligence, it won't allow you to lose necessary weight if you're already at the appropriate weight for your height.  You can lose anywhere from 10-25 pounds on the 10 Day Liver Cleanse because the liver detoxes the entire body when it's functioning at a high level.

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    Q: Why does my blood pressure go down at night and it's up in the mornings? Average 150/100. What can I do or take to make it go down?


    Perhaps because you are more RELAXED at night due to bedtime, and in the morning, the subconscious thought of the anticipated stress makes your bloop pressure rise. It could be psycho-somatic in nature where your body is responding to your psyche or subconscious thoughts. Read our article â€HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (HYPERTENSION)†located under "Articles."

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    Q: I recently purchased the Anti-Viral Kit and I have a question.... I am very tiny...I'm 28 years old, 5 feet tall, 86 lbs. Don't fret, I eat a bunch and I'm muscular from exercise I'm just a tiny pixie. I'm wondering about the doses. Because I'm so much smaller than the average person should I take the standard dose? It seems like its all based on weight and I certainly don't want to be taking too much, especially the intestinal cleanse/laxative. I started the Anti-Viral Kit yesterday so please reply as soon as possible.


    Start off with the 5 capsules and monitor yourself. If you want to reduce the dosage (2-3 capsules) then you are free to do so. Weight is really not a factor in determination of number of capsules each person should take. Read our article 'I'm Thin ...."

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    Q: I gave my daughter 1 capsule of BRAIN TUNER every morning for about two weeks now. She now has a mild to average seizure every day instead of twice or three times a week. And since taken this Brain Tuner two weeks ago she has had two bad attacked. Normally she will get a bad attack every 2 - 3 weeks once. Most of her attack come during her sleep or during an afternoon nap, i.e. she will wake up from this sleep/nap and stay still for 30 sec - 1 minutes and the attack will come and her entire palms and feet will turn cold and heart starting to beat very fast. And once in a while if she does not get enough sleep she will get a hard attack out of the blue during the day otherwise most of the seizure attack during her sleep. Does this Brain Tuner stimulate her brain and causes the attack? What other remedy should I take to cut down this seizure?


    Sounds like the body (brain) is being greatly regulated, but if the BRAIN TUNER is speeding up the attack of seizures, abstain from using it and just give OXY-DROPS in glass or cup or water (20 drops per cup/glass). Normally a thing increases before it decreases but if this causes concern then abstain and try something else.

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    Q: Hello and thank you for taking the time to consider my particular issues at hand. I have MS and I am currently taking a weekly shot of Avonex. I have begun the Full Body Detox program, is it safe to combine the two regiments? MS has also brought along with it, in my case, inconsistency in which I now have a wonderful urologist who has prescribed Sanctura. I have noticed that DHerbs has a Kidneys/ Urinary Tract Formula, can this be taken to correct the problem of inconsistency? Part of the inconsistency problem is also due to the fact that I have a fybriod tumor that is literally proruding into the bladder wall, it is quite an amazing site to see. I understand that the average human can hold up to 400 to 500 ccs before urinating, I tapped out at 69 ccs on the first test and 82 ccs on the second, can you advise me on what to do for the inconsistency issue? I am only 35 years old and Depends has become a good friend (smile). When the detox is complete I will be taking the Fybroid formula as well. My personal goal is get off of all medications and surgery has been put on the table as an option; I don't want surgery on the table as an option. I do apologize for the length of this email, but right now my body is a slommacky and I have to get it right but most importantly I have a strong desire to get it right. I look forward to the cyber-response. Always Smiling,


    Justice In my opinion, herbs should NEVER be mixed with drugs! Drugs are poison and do not heal, but harm. They are made for profit only! God made no part of the magnificent human body with man-made drugs! None! With that said, performing the FULL BODY DETOX will help with all of your issues, including the kidneys and fibroids. After the Full Body Detox, perform the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. And after this kit, I would recommend that you perform the FIBRIOD BUSTER CLEANSE AND REGIME. For MS, I recommend: NERVES FORMULA, CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM FORMULA, BRAIN TUNER, and KHEMETIAN GOLD as a daily regimen. There is much help and healing for you. Believe in your healing and it shall manifest! Read some of our interesting articles, the ones that resonate with you, perhaps â€SURGERYâ€, â€HERBS VS PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGSâ€, â€FIBROID TUMORSâ€, â€MULTIPLE SCLEROSISâ€, etc.