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The Caffeine Quiz

coffee-addictionPeople love caffeine, but do they know that it is hidden in certain foods? Are they aware of the myths and facts that surround this ingredient, which many rely on to make it through the day? Test your knowledge to see how much you know about caffeine.


Women who drink a lot of caffeine should reduce their consumption during pregnancy.

Out of the foods below, which food would you resort to if you needed a little caffeine.

The caffeine content in a cup of coffee can change even if you get it at the same coffee place every day.

Caffeine is often added to headache medication. What is the reason for this?

Which of the following does not contain caffeine?

As you get older, your sensitivity to caffeine declines.

Caffeine helps you sober up when you are intoxicated.




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    Q: Hey herbalist, so I have been doing a lot of research on caffeine, and the benefits and harms of it. I am looking for some added information about the differences between the caffeine found naturally in coffee or tea, and the kind found in pure caffeine pills. I have heard that the pills are much more harmful, but have not been able to find proof of why. With the exception of "its made in a lab, therefore it must be worse". If you could shed some light on the matter, I would greatly appreciate it! Just one more question. I have read that caffeine blocks the re-uptake of glutamate. This can cause glutamate toxicity (resulting in dead brain cells), but I am skeptical as to how often this occurs. Will that happen if one takes just 200-mg of caffeine? Is it for the chronic caffeine users who drink 6 cups of coffee a day for 10 years? Thanks so much for your time and effort! looking forward to some knowledge!


    Nature does not make caffeine or any substance in mono-structured form, including caffeine. Caffeine consumed by itself is harmful (a la caffeine pills -- nature does not produce caffeine pills). Caffeine pills are INORGANIC and thus not absorbed by the body (the cells). Bio-caffeiene from plant sources is ORGANIC and thus absorbable. Organic substances can be absorbed through the cells. Inorganic substances cannot. Inorganic caffeine blocks reuptake of glutamate, and that's another reason why synthetic caffeine is harmful. Organic caffeine does not block reuptake of glutamate.

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    Q: Hello, I have recently become more sensitive to my body and I am trying to make better health choices. Thanks to your newsletter I've now stopped drinking coffee and switched to Yerba Matte. I have to say I do enjoy it very much. Only now am I going thru the withdrawals of caffeine. I first wanted to say thank you for that. My question is what herbs can I take that will help my memory both short term and long terms. My inability to recall something that happened, something I said, or even what I ate is becoming very frustrating. Also I am experiencing beginning symptoms of a kidney infection. Is the something I can take to help cleanse my body or help eliminate toxins that cause kidney infections? Please help with your suggestions. Thanks


    To improve memory I would suggest BRAIN TUNER Formula and BRAIN TUNER TEA consumed daily. For your kidney situation, consider performing the Full Body Detox Cleanse! Glad to hear of your like of herbal tea over coffee. Glad the newsletter is serving beneficial to you.

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    Q: Can I drink coffee with caffeine while on 21day cleans?

    A: No, you cannot consume any kind of coffee or caffeine while cleansing. One of the main purposes of the cleanse, is to give your body a break from the things it's accustom to receiving; letting your body function on it's own. It's common for people to get proper sleep at night, have energy, but still have a need to consume coffee or some type of caffeine. It's important for your body to produce natural energy. You can consume herbal tea's while cleansing, Green Tea provides the most energy. The Dangers of Drinking Coffee - https://dherbs.com/news/4844/4669/The-Dangers-of-Drinking-Coffee/d,ai.html

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    Q: I have a nineteen year old daughter who is expecting twins, her left eye is drooping, the doctor prescribed caffeine pills. Do you have anything natural for her to take? The doctor said the eye is drooping because of stress.


    Don't give her the drugs while pregnant (could cause birth defects). Give her NERVES FORMULA and CALCIUM FORMULA.

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    Q: First of all hello and thank you for the FULL BODY DETOX. I completed the full detox August 5, 08 and found it extremely beneficial, again, thank you. Please let me know your opinion regarding the "Abgone" Extra Strength pill that reportedly promotes pot belly loss (the one issue I continue to confront). I exercise, I do yoga and I jog four times weekly 3 miles. Never the less I still have a "pot belly". I contacted "Biotech Research" and was advised that this is an all natural product. The ingredients are said to be Vitamin C, Zinc, Chromium Polynitic, Phofphatidylserine, Clabcaa, Dandelion Powder, 99% Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, The capsule is made of soybean, beeswax, gelatin, glycerin and red dye #40. Please respond at your earliest convenience.


    That product ABGONE is crap due to the ingredients. No product is your solution, but the mind (thoughts, attitude), diet, lifestyle, etc. Stop worrying about the pot belly and focus on your desired state. Only see your results in your mind and you will attract the results on the material plane. Please read through some of our articles, beloved!

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    Q: I'm a 38-year-old male who has been suffering with Atrial Fibrillation for 3 years. Up until the age of 35 I never had any real illness that had any caused for concern, and then out of the blue I have a heart related issue. My Doctor has never given me a cause of where this came from and all the research I've done on my own turns up the same. The answers the doctor gave (caffeine, alcohol, and so on) I've never really used any of those things excessively. My eating habits up until that time where not that great and I was about 100lbs over weight. I've lost 85lbs since, and also have giving up all meats. Also I had Cath. Ablation surgery for the A-Fib. It's been 3 months since surgery and I'm now off of the Coumadin they had me taking. I'm not sure if the surgery was a total success, I've not had an attack since New Year’s Day 2008. But I'm still not feeling back to my old self. I've been having some very weird feelings of nausea, tension, constipation, and tiredness, headaches, etc. When I do go to the doctor they tell me that everything looks fine and that I may be a bit stressed and suffering from anxiety. I'm writing to you in hopes that you may be able to guide me to the right path to healing and returning to living somewhat normal life again.