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What’s In Season?


Fall is here, which means that there are a lot of new fruits and vegetables to eat! Do you know which produce items are about to hit the grocery store shelves? Test your knowledge to see if you know what is coming.


Although apples are available year round, when are the majority harvested in the U.S.?

What is a cold frame?

Which of the following is available on any given day during the fall?

What green vegetable has the most flavor during the fall and winter months?

Pears, squash, apples, and pomegranates may be super ripe and prime during the fall, but which fruit shouldn't be eaten before it's ripe?

Beets thrive during the fall. When are they typically not grown?

What is the advantage of eating foods that are in season?




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    Q: I was wondering if it is okay to mix Mrs. Dash season blend with Olive Oil as a dressing for my salad? It tastes real bad with just Olive Oil alone, and I don't like the bitterness taste of lemon juice, and apple vinegar cider. Plus, what would you recommend for toppings to make the salad more interesting? Can I put olives, and cucumbers, etc.?


    Do as you please as far as dressing goes! Just stay away from harmful ingredients! Mrs. Dash, seasonings, Olive Oil,

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    Q: Is there an herb or herbs that will help one's body fight the effects of this upcoming allergy season? I've stop eating the meat and the dairy, but the mucus keeps draining in my throat.


    Not really! Allergy season is Nature's way of stimulating cleansing in us. That's all! Allergies are a sign that the body is toxic and needs cleansing. Cleanse your body periodically and your allergies will be a thing of the past! Try Dherbs' ALLERGY FORMULA. The FULL BODY DETOX is the ideal product for you though!

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    Q: So, douche when I'm not bleeding, correct? I will do a Full Body Detox soon...I need to do it before the work season kicks in again...because I get VERY thin when I do cleanses.


    Yes, correct!

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    Q: I am currently living in Atlanta GA, moved here from New York. I've never suffered from pollen, or being allergic to raw fruits peach, apples or plums. I can't eat raw carrots and other types of nuts until I moved to GA, and started to suffer from Allergies. Now my question is, is there something from your site or some type of herbal combination that I can take to 1. Stop my allergic reaction during March/April pollen season and two help me to eat the natural fresh fruits I used to enjoy before without having to throw it all up, or being unable to digest it.


    I would recommend you perform FULL BODY DETOX, especially every Spring. Take 3 capsules of ALLERGY FORMULA daily. Your problem lies much deeper. We have an article on the subject coming soon! Stay tuned to Dherbs!

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    Q: First let me just say that I love this site. It has given my goddesses and I true alternative. For some reason during this season we have been experiencing the announance of staph infections. The MD doctors have no clue or not clear in explaining how a person even contracts this infection but I know that it has to be food related. The body is perfect until it is contaminated by the foods we eat. At present I have a painful byte that I know is probably now a staph infection. It has swollen and turned red around the affected are. Is there any product that you have available that can assist me with this? I am two steps away from going to the MD but I know that he will only give me a temporary fix (poison) of which I do not even want in my system. Please advise!! My body is in a bind. I am still in transition from the flesh diet but this has definitely pushed me closer to vegan. Thanks in advance.


    Glad you found and like the site. Listen, for "STAPH INFECTION", we have an article already dedicated to this subject whom you can find in our articles section. It offers remedy and recourse. Please visit our articles section. Contact us again if you have additional questions!

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    Q: hello I did the FULL BODY DETOX...thanks I'm currently medication free....when should I do another one? I heard September because it's a new season??? or do the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE.


    I'd wait until after September 21 (Fall) and perform the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE.