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  • butternut-squash-pasta

    Butternut Squash Pasta In A Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce

    These butternut squash noodles are dressed in a thick sauce sun-dried tomato sauce, which makes for a satisfying [...]

  • beet-pizza

    Beet Pizza Crust

    This raw pizza is filled with powerful earthy flavor combinations. If you're craving pizza after you finish [...]

  • acorn-squash-stuffed

    Vegan Stuffed Acorn Squash

    Filled with the spices and ingredients of fall, these stuffed acorn squash are the perfect fall entree or [...]

  • persimmon-smoothie

    Peach Persimmon Smoothie

    This is probably one of the best entry points into the world of persimmons. Experience the unique flavor and then [...]

Full Body Cleanse Approved

  • tomato-herb-dressing

    Tomato Herb Dressing

    If you are a fan of creamy dressings like Thousand Island or French Dressing, you are going to appreciate this FBC-approved salad dressing.

  • blueberry-banana-chia-pudding

    Quick And Easy Banana Blueberry Chia Pudding

    Breakfast shouldn't be boring. It won't be now that you have this blueberry banana chia pudding. It's amazing what you can do on a raw diet!

  • kale-salad

    Massaged Kale, Blueberry, & Mango Salad

    This massaged kale salad will refresh your taste buds. And it's just in time for summer!

  • carrot-radish-juice

    Thyroid Tonic

    The radish contains raphanin, a compound that can help balance thyroid hormones. This adaptogen may help to balance your thyroid.

  • kale-pear-banana-smoothie

    Kale Smoothie With Pear And Almond Butter

    There are a lot of green smoothies out there, but this is one recipe you should keep in your smoothie rotation. So much deliciousness!

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