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Full Body Cleanse Approved

  • honeydew-mocktail

    Melon Spice Mocktail

    The cayenne will linger on your lips, while the melon, lime, and peach cool off the spice. It is the perfect balance of spicy and sweet.

  • 0-774213569-beet-the-weak

    Beet The Weak Juice

    This juice provides lots of vitamins and minerals while giving you an energy boost.

  • rockin-raw-rainbow-salad

    Rockin’ Raw Rainbow Power Salad

    Salads need to be colorful in order for you to obtain a wide variety of nutrients. Choose your colors by making this rainbow salad.

  • 0-124732178-carrotpasta

    Pasta with Cashew Sauce & Avocado

    Raw pasta is so satisfying. You think you won't be full after eating it, but you always are! Probably because of all the fiber and water in [...]

  • dherbs-shirazi-salad

    Raw Shirazi Salad

    Full of bright herbaceous and acidic flavors, this Shirazi salad goes to show that simple ingredients create powerful flavor combinations.

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