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Full Body Cleanse Approved

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    Pumped-Up Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

    I am a sucker for pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. But when it comes to using pumpkins in my raw recipes, I prefer sugar pie pumpkins. The [...]

  • green-avocado-smoothie

    Avocado Power Breakfast Smoothie

    Finding the perfect breakfast smoothie can be hard, but we think this one is exactly what you need. It gives you protein and energy!

  • cucumber-ginger-smoothie

    The Best Smoothie To Drink To Get Rid Of Bloating

    Sweets and treats are abundant during the holidays and it can be hard to resist the temptation. If you get bloated, sip on this smoothie.

  • vegan-nutella

    Raw Vegan Nutella

    A healthier take on the store bought nutella that is able to be eaten by Raw food enthusiasts as well as chocolate lovers.

  • cucumber-juice

    Ginger Cucumber Detox Juice with a Kick

    If you are detoxing your body then this is the juice for you. It is rich in vitamin C, promotes healthy digestion, and relieves bloating.

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