Fermented Carrots

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Simplicity is the key ingredient in this simple recipe. You don’t need a long list of ingredients to create a flavorful, nourishing recipe. That is why we love these fermented carrots, which are 100% raw vegan and acceptable for cleansers to enjoy. Unlike pickled recipes, this recipe doesn’t contain any vinegar. You only need sea salt, warm water, an optional garlic clove, and the carrots, of course. What you will need, however, is a sealing option. Two sealing options include the Pickle Pipe and the Fido Jar.

The Pickle Pipe is a zero fuss, easy to clean, affordable option for anyone looking to get into the fermentation game. The Pickle Pipe creates a seal with with a simple silicone disk, along with the metal ring that comes with the jar. The “pipe” portion of the silicone disk has an opening that only pressures open as the gasses build up inside the jar. That’s why this is great because you just set and forget!

The Fido Jar creates an incredible anaerobic sealed environment and is equally as easy to clean as the Pickle Pipe. There are no crazy parts to clean and you can line up the jars in the kitchen to ferment. You do have to “burp” the jars every day to help let the gasses out, but they work efficiently. You just can’t set and forget them like the Pickle Pipe.

There are other fermentation jars that you can use, but these are very easy to use. You can use air-lock lids or traditional fermentation crocks.

Fermented Carrots
  • Prep Time:10m
  • Total Time:10m


  • 1 pt warm water
  • 3 -4 tsp sea salt
  • 4 medium carrots, peeled and sliced into sticks
  • 1 clove garlic, smashed


  1. Make the bring by stirring the sea salt into the warm water until it is completely dissolved. You will need most of this brine, but you\'ll have a little leftover, which you can store in the fridge for another batch.
  2. Place the sliced carrots and garlic clove in a jar and pour the brine into the jar, making sure they are completely covered.
  3. Close up the jar, either with the Pickle Pipe or the lid of your Fido Jar or Air Lock.
  4. Place the jar in a cupboard at room temperature for two days to two weeks. Just make sure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. The longer you let the jar sit, the more flavor the carrots develop.
  5. Open up the jar and taste the carrots along the way to see if you\'re satisfied with the flavor.


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