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I Need to lose 60 pounds, I have Diabetes and its time for me to get rid of this, I take pill for this two time a day. want to stop taking them, Need to lose 60 in a year. I am 55 years, 4"11 and 220 pounds, To short, to big, Its time for me to get busy, Were do I start? I started making Smoothies, and my swimming classes, HELP, Thank you. susanjackson44@yahoo.com
Hi DHerbs. I am very interested in your products but I am worried a little about the weight loss. I would love to lose some weight but I do not want to lose more than 10 pounds. What product do you suggest for me? I am 29 years old, 145 pounds, athletic build, I work out about 3 times a week and eat healthy alternatives to regular food. I am plagued with gas often and I don't feel I am using the restroom as much as I'd like. What would be the best product to start off with but not lose so much weight in the process?
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