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Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

A ebook to help you through either of our the DHerbs Full Body Cleanses.


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Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)+Full Body Cleanse
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Detoxify With The Help Of

The Full Body Cleanse Companion

A Complete Guide To Help You Detox Right!

The Cleanse Companion guide will answer the most common questions people have about performing the Full Body Cleanse. It includes the following helpful information:

* Why You Need To Detox

* 3 Week Dietary and Lifestyle Regimen

* Detox Troublshooter

* Frequently Asked Questions About the Full Body Cleanse

* Healing Fruit Juices

* Raw Foods Recipes

* and much more.

The more common results after detoxifying include more resilient skin and complexion, weight loss (10-50 pounds), less headaches, more energy, clearer sense of feeling and thinking; a more positive outlook on life, more willpower; less diseases and sicknesses throughout the year, and many more salubrious things.

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  • The book was easy to understand. That's all I have to say about the book *
  • The Book was a good add on to the cleanse, it gives you a more in-depth look into the reason behind everything and great recipes to try. I do wish the book had pictures with the recipes or at least linked them to a step by step guide with pictures. Either way, it had great information and was very helpful. *
  • If you follow the program described in the book on how to eat and take the pills, the plan will and does work and you will lose weight. *
  • I would love to have the EBook. I do not have. I am a speaker and I do recommend your full body cleanse to everyone! Love it!!! I have had this cleanse twice this year. I would also love to have the full body cleanse again and the EBook Full Body Cleanse. I previously did not qualify with any points on the last two orders. I will continue to share the cleanse with others. as I have all year. I did inquire if you used spokesperson for your products. Please rush me all that you have thru this promotion. *
  • It gives you details on how to succeed on the FBC. It also tells you the symptoms you may have during the detox. Also, it's a great reference to keep even after the FBC. I liked that it provided an actual time schedule to take the supplements and for each meal. It actual makes the entire process very simple. *
  • This is a great addition to use while doing your 20- day cleanse. I would definitely recommend this companion *
  • It gave me lots of energy and u felt cleaner. I do think this is a good cleanse, its my 3rd time ordering! The food plan is hard to follow but the pills made it easy by curbing my appetite. I wasnt hungry on the cleanse and i love how energetic it made me. Out of all cleanses i have tried, i like this cleanse better. The book is very informative and it guides you throughout the whole cleanse. *
  • This book was very helpful and informative on how to do the FBC properly. I liked the recipes they add in the book, they're simple and easy to follow. I especially love the info about food combining, those where things I didn't not know about. I'm glad I brought the book, it gave me a better understanding on how to eat while and after cleansing. *
  • This information was invaluable to me when I was beginning my first cleanse. At that time, I was completely unaware of the tenants of health. I was a vegetarian and was trying to transition to a raw food lifestyle and cleanse, but I was completely ignorant about how to go about doing it properly. Therefore, the book was helpful in outlining exactly what to do, why, and offering recipes and suggestions. Following the information and reading through the document was very easy. I have completed a full body cleanse at least several times since then and have greatly shifted my lifestyle over the long haul. Now that there is so much quality information on Pintrest and raw diet books, I would recommend just doing your homework. However, if you're unsure of what information is accurate or you are wanting things simplified and ready to read- this is a really great starting point. Happy shifting to health! *
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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 80 reviews)
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