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Spinal cord injuries are very serious and are the major cause of paralysis which most people have been conditioned to believe are unrecoverable which is not true. However, the mind must be totally in sync with the maxim "with God all things are possible." Healing from a spinal cord injury is more mental than anything else, However, natural remedies can help in the process of recovery. Recommended: Full Body Cleanse followed by the 10 Days Electric Greens Combo Regimen, followed by Nerves Cleanse & Regimen. A raw foods diet is very ideal in healing a spinal cord injury. Sleep on a magnetic mattress pad (perform a Google search under "magnetic mattress pads" to find a supplier or seller). Also, have chakra balancing performed routinely.

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen
Nerves Cleanse & Regimen

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