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Great question! I would be able to answer better if I could actually see your teeth. The alignment of our canines protect all our other teeth. They are critical. Two things for sure happen when
the canines come in rotated. One, they do not function fully and therefore all your other teeth can get unusual forces placed on them. We call these forces interferences. Secondly the root of the
canine can end up very close to the root of the lateral next to it. When this occurs, bacteria can travel down the side of the tooth, under the gum and increase the possibility that you get bone loss
between the two teeth (canine and lateral). The bone is very thin between those roots when the canine is rotated. Also, more plaque accumulates because it is often difficult to clean between the
canine and lateral.

These are the reasons I would suggest moving forward with braces if what I am describing pertains to you. I hope this makes sense.

Thanks, DMO
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