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Hi, thanks for the question.

Your body does not like rapid changes in weight and will fight you along the way. These are called plateaus. It's too early to panic and by the time you get this email I am pretty sure your weight will have shifted again. You cannot spot lose weight. Your body picks and chooses where it gains weight and where it loses weight. sometimes they aren't the same places.

Working out always helps the process. Here is a blog I wrote, Three Successful Fitness Habits for Sustained Weight, on three successful habits for sustained weight loss.  

Fitness for weight loss is interval cardio training and circuit weight training.

Example of both would be: Interval training on bike. 3 minute warmup 30 seconds of high speed 1 minute of recovery repeat for 15 minutes till 30 minutes.

Circuit training (five rounds-1 minute rest in between rounds) Mountain climbers x 20 Pushups x 20 Squats x 20 Bent over rows x 15 Crunches x 25 Without knowing your body type, sports history, and health history I cannot recommend any specific exercise. I run a highly successful internet fitness/health coaching company www.theveganeffect.com. If you would like a free consultation you can fill out the health history form on the main page and I will have one of my fitness coaches contact you.


Hope this helps,

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