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Surgery, because your gallbladder is defective? Doctors are insane! You simply rejuvenate the organ and the organ functions to par again. And you rejuvenate the organ or the entire body with food that nourish, provide energy, and cause growth, repair, and maintenance for sustaining life. We call this "herbaceutical" and that's what we sell. Beloved, surgery is to get money from insurance at the expense of your temple (of god). It is unnecessary. Beloved, I humbly suggest you perform our Full Body Cleanse and follow the kit up with a daily maintenance of our Liver, Spleen & Gallbladder (3 capsules daily) and Liver Extract (1-2 dropperfuls in water daily) and you will notice a difference. You should also start drinking dandelion root tea as soon as possible. After you get your results we only ask that you fill out our affidavit of healing so that we may prove to government that people are healing themselves with God's plants. The government is planning to crack down on natural healing because too many people are waking up and the drug industry is losing a lot of money. The people must now speak and reclaim their sovereignty.

Full Body Cleanse
Liver, Spleen & Gallbladder
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

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