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A typical detox raw food program looks like this:

Breakfast: Green smoothie: 1 1/2- 2 cups water / 1 cup greens / 3-5 medium pieces of fruit blended. (see "Green Smoothie Revolution" Boutenko for more info)

Bridge: 2-3 medium sized fruits

Lunch: Raw Wraps: collard greens as wraps/ tomato, cucumber, bell pepper / fresh herbs / Sauce (salsa/tahini/guacamole/ etc))

Bridge:2-3 medium pieces of fruit

Dinner: Raw pasta: Zuchini sliced with a potato peeler / veggies / Homemade pasta sauce made in blender / sprouted quinoa or legumes 

Snack: Sorbet: Blended frozen fruit in a blender  

Hope this helps!

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