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First, spend some time reading and enlightening yourself on the true causes of penile erectile dysfunction. You can't heal unless you know the true cause of what you're healing from. Go to the root of the problem and don't treat the symptom. PED is only a symptom! I would suggest you first perform the Full Body Cleanse (read up on this kit on our site) followed by our Total male Cleanse. After these cleanses, do a daily regimen of 3 capsules of Jackrabbit, 3 capsules of Male Hormonal Formula, and 3 capsules of Circul-aid, and 1 cup of Male Health Tea. You can be healed but healing is not one dimensional, it's wholistic.

Full Body Cleanse
Circulation Aid
Male Hormonal Formula
The Male Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
Male Health Tea

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