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Dherbs.com: I haven't given up on big Black women at all. The fact is that most big Black women BLACK discipline and will not do what is necessary. The simple fact that they blew up in the
first place says a lot (i.e. poor self-esteem, low self-image, unhappiness, undisciplined, etc.)

That is another story though cause I'm not big AT ALL!! but I am a black female.

Dherbs.com: I'm writing an article soon on Black women and obesity: causes/origins, dangers, and solutions. Now does this sound like I have given up????

ANYWAY - my question to you is - Since January 8, 2007 I stopped eating meat and I saw a tremendous result in my complaint areas.

Dherbs.com: Good for you!

Now I'm pregnant and read that protein develops the babies brain so I started eating meat until I have the baby.

Dherbs.com: LORD HAVE MERCY!!!! I greatly disagree with this, but it's your choice. I have 3 vegan-vegetarian children. Their mothers didn't eat meat during their pregnancies. You don't
have to worry about the development of your baby's brain. The body intelligence has that covered. Meat is not protein unless you eat it raw (but the WHOLE animal must be eaten)!!!

Is it safe to drink protein shakes to replace the protein instead of eating meat?

Dherbs.com: You can't get bio-protein from protein shakes. Protein shakes are made from waste products (i.e. radiated soy, whey, etc.). If you really want natural proteon, check out our
Bio-Protein we sell. It's 100% all-natural. But remember, protein is in every natural food you eat. How do herbivore animals in the wild get their protein since they don't eat meat???

Meat for protein is a great conspiracy and propaganda tactic. Read Dherbs articles "PROTEIN PROPAGANDA" and "THE DANGERS OF EATING MEAT."

Regardless of how you view me, thank you for your interest in Dherbs.Com!
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