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Beloved, you have to read the information on the website. It's all there! Read "Healing Crisis" (article) "Is this normal?" (article), Detox Troubleshooter, Frequently Asked Qquestions. As we state in our Detox Troubleshooting and Healing Crisis guide, you are terribly toxic and chances are this is your first time performing our detox system Full Body Cleanse which is highly powerful and effective. If you have just begun the detox and you have vomited or are vomiting, temporarily stop taking the capsules and drink plenty of water and/or ginger tea (to help with feeling nauseated) and lie down if you can. Take a day or two off of the program before you start back up, but when you start back up, instead of taking five (5) capsules, only take 2 or 3 capsules and slowly work your way back up to 5 capsules. Also, you are free to finish the cleanse by only taking 2 or 3 capsules of each formula but of course the cleanse will last longer than 3-weeks.

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