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Your health situation is called DYSMENORRHEA (dysfunctional menses) which means your hormonal system is impaired. The clotting is a good sign because your uterus is expelling old, toxic waste which would otherwise become cancerous if it was to stay in your body.

The meds(tonic) is bringing the menses back but stopping the beneficial clotting. This is dangerous! You need both the menses and the clotting and doctors cannot help you here. Dherbs has the ideal remedy for you. We recommend that you perform the Full Body Cleanse for 20 days. After the cleanse, perform the Female Cleanse for 20 days. After these two kits, your menses may be normalized without any need for medicine.

After the two cleanses, take 3 capsules of Menstrual Cycle Formula and Female Hormonal formula and drink 1-2 cups of Female Health Tea daily and you will greatly benefit your ailment and overall health.
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