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Because the disease affects his lungs, you guys should read "Respiratory Problems" article. I highly recommend he performs the Lungs and Respiratory Cleanse. If his work schedule is too drastic to
perform this, he should take a daily regimen of, Mucus Buster, Lungs and Respiratory Formula, and Electric Greens Cell Foods Formula (3 capsules of each formula every 2-3 hours a part). Start 9 a.m.
Mucus Buster, 12 p.m. Lungs & Respiratory, 3 p.m. Electric Greens, etc. And because he works in a polluted environment (jet fuel fumes), have him start taking Carbon Activated Charcoal at least
twice a week. Which work miracles, and pulls out all of those toxins he's inhaling. There's much help for him. He needs to act fast though. We also have an article entitled "Activated Charcoal" in
our articles section.

Respiratory Health
Benefits of Carbon a/k/a Activated Charcoal

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