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Mastitis, is inflammation of the breast. Inflammation is caused by mucus, and mucus is the result of an acidic body predicated upon an acidic diet. A diet high in animal products, (meat and dairy
products), as well as refined grains, starches, and effervescent acidic beverages can cause this. Many times, mastitis denotes that an injury is present. The pus actually serves to help out in the
situation. Doctors will prescribe antibiotics for mastitis. Since when have antibiotics been able to get rid of mucus and pus? Never! So why would a woman take antibiotics for an inflammation
problem? There are natural remedies for mastitis, just as there are for every other breast complaint. If you suffer from mastitis, especially while breastfeeding, start consuming Mulein leaf tea,
(3-5 cups daily) Mucus Buster, (capsules and/or tea, 6-9 capsules daily or 3-5 cups per day). You don't want to breastfeed if pus is coming out of the nipples. Instead make an alternative milk (see
our article Alternative Infant Formula Milk) to feed the baby while you are healing your breasts. Think positive too! Consider our "Mental Science Manual" e-book to help get and keep your mind

Alternative Infant Formula Milk

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