Q: I have been diagnosed with genital warts. I haven't received my results for HPV yet. I've already done the Full Body : Dherbs, Herbal Formulas

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You should read my "GENITAL HERPES" articles because the same principles apply to your case of warts. Your life is not over with. Its just beginning. Your focus and perception is all wrong. You are not looking at the problem as an opportunity to learn and grow. In every problem lies the seed of its own solution. Problem means opportunity. Warts are telling you that you have not been living in harmony with higher law and have been abusing your body via diet and lifestyle. That's all. Hang out on Dherbs.com and read our powerful articles and watch your depression become impression. You will always feel good while detoxing, but the goal is to feel good after detoxing, beloved, and you can do this by changing your diet, lifestyle, thoughts, and attitude. Only you can do this. You have a choice. You can be well or you can be sick. It's your choice! Choose what you desire, beloved. Don't give up! With God all things are possible! Believe and you shall achieve! Guaranteed! I recommend for you Brain Booster, Nerve Formula, Female Health Tea, and Happy Inhaler.

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