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The best way to balance blood sugar and keep your body in a fat burning zone is to eat low fat and every 3-4 hours. Also high raw and high carb. Here are some options. Just a general outline.  

6am  Muesli - fruit smoothie-green smoothie

9am 2-3 pieces of fruit

12pm Raw wraps-raw pasta-salad with legumes

3pm 2-3 peices of fruit

6pm wraps-raw pasta-salad with legumes

9pm Sorbet   I suggest reading "Beauty detox solution" by Snyder, "Crazy Sexy Diet" by Karr, or 80-10-10 by Graham. 

Please read "Blood Sugar Imbalance", "Walking After Dinner May Improve Digestion And Control Blood Sugar", "Does The Key To Balancing Blood Sugar Lie In The Gut?".

I hope this helps!

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