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Beloved, you are experiencing the â€HEALING CRISISâ€. Read the article Beloved, you are just very TOXIC,
that's all! Don't measure yourself against others for every body is literally different. Don't fault the product! fault your diet and lifestyle over the years. This healing crisis may seem strange to
you, but in reality, your body is thanking you. The vomiting and diarrhea are signs that your body is eliminating in the only available channels open right now. Simply start off by taking 2 or 3
capsules and see how that goes. You should be fine. Then you can work yourself back up to 5 capsules if you desire. You are free to change things up to your desire that benefits. Beloved, you are on
your way to the cleansing of a lifetime. This is a good sign because your body is greatly working. Your are sensitive to herbs which is a good thing. They are working immediately in your body. You'll
receive a complimentary check in phone call tomorrow for Dherbs! All is well, Beloved! Don't quit! When the going gets rough, the rough gets going! Check out our â€DETOX TROUBLESHOOTING†and look up "vomiting", "diarrhea", etc. There is plenty of support for you!
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