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Please read our article â€VAGINAL ODORS AND DISCHARGE†on our site. It is very detailed. Your discharge
says so much! It's conveying a message to you. The situation is mostly diet-related. Stop eating meat, dairy, refined grains and starches. Go raw foods (50%) and vegan (50%) immediately. Drink a lot
of fruit and vegetable juices. Get colonics and perform enemas (weekly enemas). Give our TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE a try! Read some
of our â€ARTICLESâ€! Keep your head up! Don't give up! Most people give up when they are just 3 feet from the gold. The answers
you desire always come at the point when you are ready to give up. This is why you found Dherbs.Com! We are NOT the answer, but we can help point you to it! There is healing for you, Beloved! Stop
thinking about the discharge and start thinking about life without the discharge. Constant thoughts create your reality!
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