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I received your email today and I was happy that I got a response so quick from your web site. I am writing because I didn't have time to really explain my story. I told you that I was diagnosed with HPV for at least five years, I miss understood the my ob-gyn, I was diagnosed with a bacteria that lead me to HPV. I received your information on how to treat it but I left something out when I emailed you, I?ve done a detox cleanser, not yours, from another company. I am also confused on what you want me to take for me and my husband, Did you meant for me to take Yoni formula, Anti-viral kit and Female Hormonal formula? Do I really need the detox kit when I already had one? Also for my husband, Does he really need that detox kit, Why cant he just get the Anti-viral Kit, Male Hormonal formula and Rainforest Tonic? I just really wanted to spend at least close to $400.00 only; I don't have that kind of income. What you advised to take is too much money? When you stated maintenance, do you mean I have to always get these medications over and over again to maintain me from getting it again? I say this because I have only been with my husband since we have got back together and I am not having sex with no else. Can you please give any other regimen; do we really need to buy the Full Body Detox Kits? Please answer me back before I have to go to my LEEP procedure, which is scheduled on 2/1/08 and I am praying to take this medications as soon as possible so I can get a second opinion and have that Biopsy done again to rule out the HPV.

I would suggest you guys both perform Dherbs Full Body Detox. Don't confuse our kit for other kits. After the
Full Body Detox, perform 3-week the Anti-Viral kit. Now if money is a
factor, make your own choice and choose either the Full Body Detox or the Anti-Viral kit.

After whatever cleanse you guys perform, you will need a maintenance regimen to perform on a daily basis. Please visit our HERBAL RECOMMENDATION CHART to learn what formulas we recommend as a maintenance regimen for a specific disease.
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