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I tried "Colonix" cleansing system 1.5 years ago and the results were damaging. I had a bowel movement (BM) which I felt travel down my intestine like it was brillo. The result was a BM surrounded with a thin coating of blood. I was shocked!!! I had always been fairly regular with my BM's 2-3x per day with occasional constipation during PMS time but since that "cleanse" I have been reduced to 1x a day maybe, hard as rocks and I am now a regular user of laxatives(which I do not like at all!!) Aside from that, I have gained 60 pounds and I am having a difficult time losing the weight. Prior to the "cleanse" I had NEVER had a weight problem nor BM problem. I have a regular Dr. whom has stated I have no health issues, just the need to lose this weight. 2nd topic: I had an STD when I was 17 yo (37 now) which damaged my Fallopian tubes. I have had 2 pregnancies 1 prior to and 1 after the STD, the latter resulted in a total abdominal pregnancy and the pregnancy (20 weeks) had to be terminated. I have not been pregnant since. The Dr. removed 1 tube & ovary and stated the remaining tube was damaged. I went on the pill for many years, as not to repeat that experience, and have now been pill free for 2 years, not preventing pregnancy in any way, yet not becoming pregnant. I believe my body can heal itself with the proper natural remedy as I do not trust Western Medicine as a first choice. I have read many of the testimonials and have heard your ad's and believe in your philosophy for better health. I would like to try your products but do not know where to begin. Please help. Thank you!

I think you'll find our 10 Day Colon Cleanser right up your alley, very effective, and very gentle to your system. Please give it a try to help eradicate your constipation. FYI: It is ideal to detox with the Full Body Cleanse first and then the 10 Day Colon Cleanser. There is much healing in store for you! Claim it NOW! Peace and Love!

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
10 Day Colon Cleanser

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