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You just started the kit! Please! Give us a break here! One formula and you're ready to quit?

Folks first guzzle of alcohol makes them sick but they don't give up!

Smoking that first cigarette makes folks cough, but we don't give up!

You get knocked down, you get right back up. It's nobody's fault you're severely toxic. Your body is speaking to you and letting you know you're greatly toxic and what you need to do is take a day
or two off the FBD and re-start, but this time only taking 2-3 capsule of each formula, and slowly work your way back up. Also, read some of testimonials of people who experienced exactly what you
did but kept on going and got great results when they finished the kit.

What you described is severe toxicity due to a toxic lifestyle, diet, mindset, environment, etc.

You body is letting you know you seriously need a good cleansing.

DON'T GIVE UP! Winners never quit, and quitters never win!
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