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Yes there are! A female in the early stages of her pregnancy can drink Rue tea daily (2-3 cups) which should cause abortion. The rue should cause the fetus to expel (which will contain bleeding, of course). However, after the abortion, the bleeding may be profuse and may be needed to subside. Recommended: Take STYPTIC (3 capsules every 2-3 hours until bleeding stops). Additional herbs you may want to take to accelerate the stopping of the profuse bleeding include Menstrual Cycle Formula (3 capsules daily), Iron Phosphate formula (3 capsules daily), and Electric Greens Combo (3 capsules daily). When the bleeding stops, a woman should perform The Female Cleanse. After the abortion, we highly recommend that you read our Mental Science Manual, to prevent depression. If the bleeding fails to stop, we recommend that you consider going double up on the Styptic Formula NOTE: does not sell Rue. only provides the above information for educational purposes only and does not accept any responsibility or accountability for the actions of an individual in response to our words supra.

Electric Greens Combo
Iron Formula
Menstrual Cycle Formula
The Female Cleanse

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