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I can assure you herbs do not cause what you are experiencing. A bug may be doctor's lingo for any healing crisis. However, a bug is not a form of healing crisis. If you would have suffered from anything herbally, those doctors would have told you. A bug is a so-called virus (in doctor's lore) but viruses do not exist. Virus means "poison" as in "poisonous blood" and herbs do not poison the blood but simply remove poisons from the blood. If your family wants to legitimately blame Dherbs, get a blood analysis done. But again, the doctors have told you that you developed a bug. They didn't say you had an allergic reaction to anything. From time to time we experience these problems with people but it's always limited to the person's specific case. Breast-feeding does not weaken the body. Toxins do not go into the breasts but exit via the eliminative channels. My wife performed the Full Body Cleanse while breast-feeding our 2-month old son and absolutely NADA! I always tell people to deal with a situation and when they get back on their feet show people wrong by performing your desired cleanse successfully. You're not the first situation of this sort. Not at all! Hang in there, Love!

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