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DHERBS: It will greatly help! We don't know the condition of your daughter, but if she follows all of our directions, our kit should wipe the toxoplasmosis out. This kind of parasite comes
chiefly from cats. Does your daughter have a pet cat (or dog)?

We have been taking paradophilus thus far and her symptoms are greatly diminished. But it will not kill the bugs.

DHERBS: No, it won't kill the bugs; only anti-parasite and worms herbs will.

Or are we better off with the very toxic drugs the doctor is recommending?

DHERBS: Are you serious? You'd harm the girl in an attempt to help her? Not wise!

I did not see that the list of parasites included toxoplasmosis. Does the Parasite and Worm Kit
cause a toxic atmosphere for parasites in all areas of the mbody?


Or does it focus on the intestines?

DHERBS: The whole body including the intestines!
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