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I commend you for trying to find natural alternatives for the care of your child. There is great and easy way to navigate your way through the Dherbs.com website to help you easily find our DHERBS
products for any issues that you may be experiencing. On the main page, go to ONLINE store. There is an area that you can type your request, (ie., diaper rash) and all the products that we carry that
can be used for this will come on the screen for you to choose from! We have a few awesome products that you can use to help with your child's diaper rash. The Children and Infant Oral Antiseptic
Spray, and Oz-Oil can be used to help resolve the issue. You can find more detailed information on the products on the website in the online store! Have a wonderful day.

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Children Detox
Oral Antiseptic Spray
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