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Our capsules are NOT gelatin but I understand your sentiment. I would say order the Children's detox and the Detox tea and perform the Full Body Cleanse this way (though 2 bottles are missing from the bottled version of the FBC with the Children's version). But the tea will make up for this. Order: Children's Detox Detox tea Carbon. (activated charcoal) Take these products every day for 20 days. Extracts at four separate times, the tea once a day, and the carbon before bedtime! Ask The Herbalist I have one more question, I take Amla internally (tablets and loose ground powder) is it good for hair growth, also can I take it everyday along with other herbs. The most common herbs that I take every day is Chia seed, Black Seed, and Cayeene pepper mixed together, I sprinkle this combination on my foods, thank you. Amla helps for hair growth! You are taking good stuff!

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