Weight Release Inhaler
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Weight Release Inhaler

Aromatherapy inhaler that supports a decrease in appetite and aids in weight release.

  • Supports a decrease in appetite
  • Aids in weight release release
  • Helps in fighting emotional eating

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Weight Release Inhaler+Weight Release Tea
Weight Release Inhaler $14.95
Price for both: $26.90

Dherbs.com Weight Release Inhaler helps decrease appetite, and aids in weight release. Great to use while performing the Weight Release Cleanse and/or Full Body Cleanse or any other Dherbs cleanse.

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How To Use

Adults: For maximum strength, close one nostril, hold the inhaler to the other nostril and inhale deeply. To avoid spread of disease, each inhaler should be used by only one person. Use as needed.

  • Pamela
    I wanted it for the Aroma which literally takes my mind off of food and relaxes it. But it does so much more. It actually suppresses your hunger for a short time until you can eat. I definitely want this in my life. *
  • Judith
    TOTALLY CURBED MY APPETITE!!! I find it to be a great solution. No headaches or anything like that it's really great. *
  • Beverly
    I believe in this product only thing I didn't stick to it. *
  • Robin
    I've tried the inhaler three times now. It does seem to help with my nervous eating. I'm willing to try anything to lose weight and this seems to be on point. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • Anisha
    I Love the weight release inhaler. I find myself using it at least 3 times a day after each meal or before. I don't over eat and I feel fuller faster and longer. This is a Great product. I used to do a lot of late night snacking and this inhaler cuts down drastically on the cravings. I highly recommend this product as a great way to help you on your weight loss journey. *
  • Pamela
    I have tried everything under the sun to stop the emotional eating which leads to weight gain. I came across this website and purchased the weight release inhaler; I told myself since you have tried everything else at lease give this a try. When I first tried it I felt that it did not work; so I sat it aside. Months later I came across it in my drawer and decided to try it again. This time I thought to myself to place it in my nostril and keep it there for an hour as I would sit and read or watch television. Like one of the readers said if you are truly hungry, eat. This product is very effective and you will forget to it. It is so good until I recently ordered two more because I was afraid they would run out if people found out how good this product is. It really works and the price it great. Thanks Dherbs for helping women like me to finally get a grip on emotional eating. *
  • Eiliana
    I love this inhaler! I cleanse and go on low calorie vegan diets periodically throughout the year and having this inhaler helps me get through the tough moments when I feel hungry. I just have to inhale this in each nostril and it instantly takes my mind and "tummy" off of feeling hungry! I strongly recommend it! *
  • Jackie
    This product (Weight Release Inspirant) works very well for me, and I will order again. Now that I know about this site, I will order all of my health needs here. *
  • Natasha
    I love this product. Really calms my nerves and therefore I don't have the desire for emotional eating. Would order again! *
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