Pancreas Tea
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Pancreas Tea

Herbal tea intended to help your pancreas cleanse itself of waste while retaining vital nutrients, which can help you to maintain optimal levels of pancreatic health.*

  • Helps to cleanse and nourish the pancreas*
  • Helps to break down carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids*
  • Helps cleanse and expel liquid waste from your body*
  • Helps clean the kidneys*

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Pancreas Tea + Pancreas Aid
Pancreas Tea $10.95
Price for both: $31.90

Pancreas Tea is formulated with a beneficial combination of botanicals that can help to cleanse waste from the pancreas while helping it to retain vital nutrients and support normal kidney functions.*

20 Tea Bags Per Container

Quick Note About Dherbs Teas:
These wonderful teas are unique and exclusive and only available from

Our teas are very therapeutic, nourishing, strengthening, potent, safe and sane, effective and economical. Our teas are 100% pure natural herbs.*

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How To Use

Place tea bag into a cup and add boiled water. Allow the tea bag to steep for 2 minutes. Cool to suitable drinking temperature. Add sweetener of choice (e.g. 100% grade B maple syrup, agave nectar (from sap), or raw honey) and a little lemon juice if you desire. Drink and enjoy warm or cold.

  • Lisa
    I love the sugar needed...just squeeze some lemon...can drink cold ir hot...Its a great tasting tea.. *
  • Maryland
    The tea is GREAT! I drink it every day and will continue to do so. *
  • Stuart
    The pancreas tea is an essential part of reversing Type II diabetes. I love it! Just wish it at a touch less stevia! ;) *
  • Michael
    Great tasting tea. No need to add any sweetener! Will be ordering more! *
  • Heike
    It’s my favorite tea. I drink it almost daily and when I do not, I can tell the difference. This tea is a wonderful addition in making healthier choices for my body. *
  • Shirley
    The Pancreas cleanse was excellent , the cleanse had a great impact on my body my sugar levels came in normal range. Surprisingly I lost 20 lbs.The combination of the herbs that was used was very good. Following the suggesting order and the foods combination is very beneficial. *
  • Donna
    Just love everything from Dherbs! Pancreas Tea is awesome! Great customer service, too! Thanks! *
  • Hilary
    I purchased this tea for my mom who is diabetic. She loved it and it lowered her Blood sugar! I'm ordering her some more and also getting some for another relative. *
  • Corliss
    After visiting my doctor for my yearly physical this year, she was very pleased with my A1c reading. By taking the Pancreas Tea along with the Formula I was able to lower my level by 10 points. I am still not completely diabetic free but I am getting there. Thank you Dherbs. *
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Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately we do not recommend taking the Pancreas Tea while you're pregnant as the herbs can be too potent for an infant. We suggest taking the products that we recommend during pregnancy.

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