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Testosterone Booster
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Testosterone Booster

An herbal supplement that helps maintain balanced testosterone levels, assists in building and maintaining muscle mass, and contributes to feelings of energy and stamina.*

  • Naturally high in organic male-specific hormonal precursors*
  • Helps to maintain balance hormonal levels, including testosterone*
  • Helps support maintenance of and/or increase muscle mass, boosts feelings of energy and stamina, and overall male performance*

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Testosterone Booster

Testosterone Booster

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Testosterone Booster is formulated with botanicals that naturally provide male-specific hormonal precursors (phyto-testosterone), like steroid saponins, which may help maintain normal testosterone levels.*

These botanicals are intended to help males build and maintain muscle mass, contribute to their feelings of energy and stamina, and help benefit their overall male performance.* 

100 vegetarian capsules per bottle.

Model: 1178 • Shipping Weight: 0.225lbs


How To Use

Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adults: Take 3 capsules daily.

  • Jonathan
    The Testosterone Booster exceeded my expectations. I've been having problems with my Testosterone levels for awhile. I knew it was low. It just happened overnight after a recent surgery. I didn't have the interest to do anything. When it came time to lay it down. Nothing was happening because there was nothing there. When I say nothing. I mean NOTHING. So I searched Dherbs and found they had the Testosterone Booster. The first day I took two capsules I could see an effect immediately within a few hours. The days afterward I took three capsules. It was however the 4th or 5th day that the magic happened. To me, it was like taking a 50 mg blue pill. It was the first time I've had this much strength in years. I'm 57 now but felt like I was in my 30s. Now, I have to warn you that it will do what it says it will do and then some so just be cautious about it especially if you have a bad heart. I think it's easy to overdo it. So I will lay off for a few days and then start again. One thing I forgot to mention. Try taking it early in the day if possible. If you take it later in the evening you may find yourself having a hard time trying to sleep because it does give you more energy. Honestly, with the Testosterone Booster, I don't think you need the blue pill. When I say it worked. It works. Trust me. You will be happy you bought it. It may work sooner or later for some depending on your body's metabolism. Thanks, Dherbs for creating such an amazing formula. *
  • Randall
    Tried product before work great with workout give me more strength. *
  • John
    Most definitely does what it says it does. I feel much better during the day, more energy and less drag. Helps tremendously with workouts and I feel and increase in strength and muscle tone as well. Ive tried other brands and none work like this one. I haven't had of the adverse reactions ive had elsewhere and I can definitely feel the difference when I dont take it, so, this product stays on order. *
  • Steven
    It gives me the energy I need do that’s a good thing *
  • Damon
    I wasn't truly aware of how Dherbs Testosterone Booster was helping me get through my day until I ran out of my supply. Soon after my endurance began to take a hit and I wasn't feeling as geared up to exercise or do anything else. Its definitely a must buy! *
  • Albert
    This product is a great compliment to the prostate formula for me. It really does boost your level at my age, making it a good alternative to any over the counter product. Thanks Dherbs. *
  • Damien
    The product is fantastic. I use it regularly and have noticed a vitality that I haven't felt in years. *
  • Martin
    Worked great felt the difference right away. More energy and stamina through out the day. Most importantly big difference in the bedroom. Recommended to those that need a little extra boost and confidence. Will order again. It is easy to take, just like taking your vitamins. You wont be disappointed or have any regrets. *
  • Lenny
    I think it is a good product in helping you get your testosterone and energy level up. I don't use it every single day but I do feel a little different when I do use it. *
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