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Shampoo + Body Bar (Rosemary)
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Shampoo + Body Bar (Rosemary)

A simple and convenient solution for both your shampoo and body cleansing needs.

  • A great accessory for gym or travel
  • 100% all-natural essential oils
  • Soothe and hydrate the skin with moisturizing Shea Butter
  • Vitamin E and other cleansing properties
  • Rosemary's phytochemicals tone the skin and help you feel refreshed
  • Castor Oil to nourish your hair and skin

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Shampoo + Body Bar (rosemary) $14.95
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A simple and convenient solution for both your shampoo and body cleansing needs. A great accessory for gym or travel, this herbal formula is easy to use and contains 100% all-natural essential oils that will rejuvenate your hair and skin, and give it that natural shine. 

Formulated to not only thoroughly clean the skin and hair, but the Shampoo & Body Bar can also soothe and hydrate the skin with moisturizing Shea Butter. In addition, In addition, Castor Oil contains Vitamin E that can nourish your hair, while Rosemary has phytochemicals compounds that can tone the skin and and help you feel refreshed. This product is great because it penetrates deeply, delivering its nourishment into the skin pores and hair follicles. The gentle texture of the Shampoo & Body Bar will help you look and feel clean while beautifying your skin and hair, and also giving you the invigorating feeling you desire.

(4 oz. bar)

Model: 4704 • Shipping Weight: 0.375lbs


How To Use

Moisten the bar. Wet your hair and body. Gently glide the bar through your hair and body. Work into a lather. Rinse.

Please store the bar in a cool, dry place between uses.

  • Joan
    I have had an issue with my scalp being really itchy for the past several years. I attributed it to dry skin and aging. It never occurred to me that it might be due to sensitivity to my overpriced salon formula shampoo. I ordered and tried the rosemary bar because I can't resist anything rosemary. Surprise! I experienced a complete remission of itchy scalp! I was concerned that the bar shampoo might be hard to rinse out of my hair, but it rinsed quickly and completely, leaving my hair squeaky clean. I am SO happy with this product! *
  • Devon
    I am absolutely in love with this bar. I did not think it was going to work for me… Well my type of hair. The rosemary in the body bar is the most pleasant aromatic smell good morning or night. There’s no weird residue. You can tell this is made by 100% natural products. I don’t believe in reading here however mine is what you would call 4C. This body bar left my hair feeling so soft. No tangling or matting whatsoever just healthy hair. Period! This is also going to be a monthly auto delivery!! *
  • Becky
    I really like it, especially because I can use it for my hair and my body. The rosemary in it helps my hair look thicker and I have more volume. *
  • Johanna
    It left me feeling clean and didn't dry out my skin. I was definitely impressed with the way it cleansed my underarms. When I use regular soaps I still have deodorant residue left behind. *
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