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Jackrabbit Stick

A gently warming topical formula intended to help cleanse toxic heavy metals from the testes and scrotal area.

  • Helps improve sperm count by cleansing aluminum and other metals from male reproductive organs via osmosis.
  • Soothes groin itching or dryness.
  • Helps to prevent nitric oxide levels from leeching out of the body.

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As we age, toxic heavy metals accumulate in our bodies. When this accumulation happens to the testicles, however, our sperm count can take a nosedive. Our Jack Rabbit Stick is an all-natural topical designed to help draw these toxic metals out of the testes and scrotal area, thereby helping to maintain healthy male reproductive system.

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*Certified Organic

Using the stick applicator, apply a very small amount of crème, enough to lightly coat the scrotum area, approximately three (3) hours prior to anticipated sexual activity. This way you will have the piston oiled. For added benefit, begin using the product a few times in advance of your test drive. Formulated without synthetic chemicals or petroleum – safe for either sexual partner.

Maintenance - To maintain a healthy, clean reproductive system, apply a light coat to scrotum area periodically. The botanicals used have thermal properties which create sensory warmth helping transfer microscopic metal ions (salts) thru the skin to be collected in the crème and easily wash off. May also be used to help relieve itching and/or dryness.

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We are living in “the era of aluminum overuse” where every day our bodies are exposed to the dangers of heavy metal toxicity. Scientists measuring co-contaminants in air, water, food, are finding that the levels of heavy metals are accumulating at a faster rate than the human body can manage. One specific heavy metal, aluminum is at an increase in humans and for men can accumulate in the testes which can reduce sperm count and rob the body of the nitric oxide needed for sexual arousal.

Doctors had thought that women were the main reason for infertility, however based on the latest studies males may be the one. The reduction of the sperm count worldwide and the connection to excess aluminum in sperm are considered to be a source of infertility in men.

As males age they can accumulate toxic heavy metals in reproductive organs and most vulnerable are the testes. Even more so, the use of cosmetics such as talc or talcum powder (which contains aluminum) could be another source of exposure. Periodic cleansing done topically can help counter the daily accumulation of aluminum (present in air, water, food, medications).

All of us men have been exposed to and are accumulating toxic heavy metals every day. We are not able to stop the intrusion but we can minimize the levels of heavy metals being stored.

Researchers have recently discovered a topical crème made with detoxing powders that trap, absorb, and cleanse away (thru osmosis) unwanted aluminum allowing blood flow and natural nitric oxide to return.

Get there naturally! Why spend all that money on doctor visits or prescriptions. Enjoy the powers of earth- sharing natural organic ingredients to help cleanse away the impotent effects of aluminum. No doctor visits, no prescriptions - Safe, simple, convenient, effective and natural!

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