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P.M. Detox Deodorant

Cleanses, helps detox aluminums and decreases daytime odor while you sleep

  • Dilates sweat ducts to enhance flow of waste fluids
  • Alkalizes underarm pH
  • Removes all types of aluminums
  • Encourages a reduction in daytime odors
  • Effective for both men and women

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Have you been using an antiperspirant or deodorant you bought at the store or pharmacy? If you are one of the large quantities of people that have, you are potentially at risk of accumulating chemicals under your arms that could impact your health. Many commercial deodorants and antiperspirants contain chemicals like aluminum, which is used to stop your sweat from escaping your pores, as well as other dangerous compounds, such as triclosan, which is used as an anti-bacterial agent. However, these compounds are potentially hazardous when placed under your arms on a daily basis. The absorption of these chemical compounds can result in hormonal imbalances that are linked to many health diseases and disorders.

For those of you looking for an all-natural, risk-free alternative, Dherbs.com P.M. Detox Deodorant is for you. Formulated to expel any bacteria, metal ions, and chemicals from the underarms without the use of aluminum, Detox Deodorant contains all-natural, purifying ingredients that are activated during the nighttime to eliminate any chemicals and irritants for 6 to 8 hours. Its Botanical and Sea Vegetable Blend encourages the body to heal from within by absorbing all odors and promoting proper blood and lymphatic flow.

2.5 ounce topical cream

How Do You Know If You May Need a Detox Deodorant?

Dherbs.com P.M. Detox Deodorant can provide benefits to anyone that has predominantly used antiperspirant. Aluminum is the primary component in antiperspirants to effectively stop your glands from producing sweat. Studies have found heightened levels of aluminum in breast cancer patients, which may be connected to the absorption of aluminum in the underarms, due to close proximity of the breasts to the underarms. In addition, aluminum has been linked to Alzheimers Disease, and can cause neurotoxicity. The dangers of aluminum and other chemicals are very real and must be addressed with proper maintenance and preventative care. Detox Deodorant is your best choice to cleanse yourself of any previously absorbed toxins as a result of your antiperspirant.

What May Happen When You Start Detoxing Your Underarms?

Detoxing your underarms is a great choice for overall wellness, and anti-aging. By purging the toxic substances from your body, your skin may feel revitalized, your immune system rejuvenated, and your confidence reclaimed, allowing you to have a complete sense of vitality. Removing unwanted substances from your body and underarms can give you the fulfillment you deserve out of life.

How To Use Your Dherbs.com P.M. Detox Deodorant?

The accumulation of chemicals and bacteria under your arms makes it imperative to eliminate any impurities in that area. For best results, you may implement the following recommendations into your daily schedule to supplement your Detox Deodorant use.

1. Sweat Is Good
Maintaining a daily routine that requires you to sweat is important. Exercising, using a sauna or steam room, or taking a hot bath or shower, will all force your body to perspire, open up your pores, and reclaim proper sweat gland function. As your underarms cleanse while you sweat, there is a possibility your sweat may be a little thick. Unlike other sweat glands in your body, your armpit sweat glands excrete amino acids, as opposed to just water and salt. Due to your antiperspirant, your armpits may have been unable to release these amino acids, causing the accumulation of mucus to be excreted.

2. Hydration Is Key
When you sweat and lose fluids, you must replace those fluids. Thus, staying hydrated is vital. Drinking plenty of water not only hydrates you, but also reduces the density of your sweat through the proper excretion of amino and fatty acids. As a result, bacteria are unable to penetrate your system.

3. Clothing Counts
The clothes you wear also play a critical role. Natural fibers like cotton and hemp help move sweat away from your body and keep your comfortable. On the other hand, synthetic fibers like polyester and acetate absorb sweat within the fabric. This allows bacteria to grow on your clothing and infiltrate your body when your sweat glands are open. Choosing the right clothing can play a big role in underarm maintenance.

4. Clean Is Clean
With all that sweat, maintaining good hygiene is essential. Before your shower, use a dry-brush on your underarm skin. The hard bristles will increase circulation and loosen any toxin buildup. During your shower, use a loofah or bath mitt on your underarms to further exfoliate the skin. When you wash your underarms, stay away from ant-bacterial soaps and choose an all-natural product. Try to leave the soap on your skin for 30 seconds before washing off to give the soap time to pull away odors and remove bacteria. You can also try using alcohol throughout the day to disinfect your underarms and prevent any bacteria growth.

What To Avoid After Using Dherbs.com P.M. Detox Deodorant?

Now that you have cleansed your underarms of any toxins, switching to an all-natural deodorant for daily use is highly recommended. Make sure you check the ingredients label before you purchase a new deodorant as even many “natural” deodorants contain potentially unsafe chemicals. Many of these unsafe chemicals are known carcinogens, which are substances capable of causing cancer in living tissue.

Ingredients to avoid:

Phthlalates- Phlalates are proven hormone disruptors, disturbing the endocrine system that controls bodily processes such as fertility, metabolism, and growth.

Tetrasodum EDTA - This compound originates from formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, and sodium cyanide, a toxic salt.

Synthetic Colors - Colors such as FD&C Yellow, and D&C Green, are made from coal tar and may cause skin irritation.

Potassium/Ammonium Alum - This common ingredient in crystal deodorants is made from pure aluminum salt. Aluminum has been linked to various diseases, including breast cancer and Alzheimers.

Diazolidinyl Urea - A chemical that is a known human toxicant and allergen is commonly obtained from animal urine. It impairs immune system function and causes skin inflammation.

Triethanolamine (TEA) - TEA is a byproduct of ethylene oxide, which is a toxic substance that can weaken organ system function.

Parabens (ethyl, propyl, methyl, etc.) - Parabens can disrupt hormones and cause inflammation and irritation in the body as a result of endocrine system interference.

Quaternium-15 - Used as a preservative, Quaternium-15 is identified as a carcinogen that has chemical release concerns.

Octoxynol/Nonoxynol - These chemicals are possibly contaminated with impurities that can cause immune system deterioration or breast cancer.

Triclosan - This toxic chemical contaminates our body and creates bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics

Ceteareth-20 (or 12) - May pollute our body with unwanted toxic chemicals, such as ethylene oxide and dioxane.

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Wash underarms. Apply a coat of the P.M. Detox Deodorant to your underarms before bed. Wash off remnants of Detox Deodorant in the morning. Apply a natural deodorant to your underarms for daily use. Initially a period of 30 nights is recommended, followed by a maintenance program of 2-4 times a week.

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  • This my latest favorite new Dherbs product discovery... I have had my share of hormonal night sweats and am thrilled to report that the PM Detox Deodorant really makes me wake up feeling & smelling so much more fresh! I love having something clean and detoxifying to put on after I shower, before bed. *
  • Using this P.M. PitTox Deodorant changed my life. You have to use it with a natural soap and natural deodorant. I LOVE the fact that I can feel the sweat under my arms. It doesn't smell and it feel like water. I love this product! *
  • The P.M. PitTox Deodorant is a great idea and works beyond expectations. I found it to be quite gentle and exceedingly effective in detoxing and eliminates that which causes odor, especially in hot weather. I use it every night and a few days per week I can skip deodorant. *
  • It helped clear up the darkness under my underarms. *
  • I was experiencing an underarm odor but once I used PM PitTox deodorant the odor just went away. I have been telling everyone about this and I recommend it for everyone. It's great!!! I will use it again probably in about three months. I love PM Pittox deodorant and I recommend this item for my family and friends because it does work... *
  • The P.M. Pit Tox Deodorant works very well. I only need to use it once a week. After bathing or showering at night, I apply it and leave it on all night. When I wake up in the morning, I wipe it off and apply my daily organic deodorant. I no longer have underarm odor. *
  • When I was using the P.M. Pit Tox Deodorant, I felt like my underarms smelled worse. At first I was a little afraid to use this, and stop using the chemical laden deodorants. But I must say, what a difference. First thing I will purchase at least two. Dherbs you've saved me again. Please don't change, you guys are awesome. *
  • I have been using the PM Detox Deodorant for a little over 2 weeks, and I love it! I smell fresher, and my armpits are prettier. :) I've been experimenting with not wearing deodorant lately and my underarms have been smelling better and better. (My friends agree. I didn't have a serious BO problem before though.) I have had a problem with little red bumps under there, which has cleared up. They were kind of like razor bumps, but sometimes they showed up after using regular deodorant, not after shaving. I recommend! *
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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)
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