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Reviews: Candida Formula

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  • Candida Formula

    The Candida Buster really works! I went to my normal doctor and she prescribed some over the counter drug, but I really wanted to go the holistic route and try something natural to get rid of the yeast infections that I had gotten consecutively for 2 months. And yes it works! I haven't had a yeast infection since taking this formula and changing my diet. Thank you DHERBS! *
  • Candida Formula

    I decided to purchase this product based on the great reviews. I've been taking it for a week now and so far my bowel movements have become regular which I always had an issue with. My purchase will be the Yoni Cleanser. I'm definitely going to keep a bottle of this in my medicine cabinet. Looking forward to experiencing other positive results. *
  • Candida Formula

    This product unlike pharmacy prescriptions worked wonders. It started to work within a matter of one week. I love it and will be purchasing more in the future. It's so hard for women to find great products that are natural and harmless and affordable.thank you so much dherbs.com for such an amazing item. I will refer some friends as well..thank you! *
  • Candida Formula

    Great product however, I am using other herbs and have watched my diet; limit yeast producing foods. *
  • Candida Formula

    The Candida Normalizer has been a true BLESSING! I have been dealing with systemic yeast/fungus for over 1 yr; and after taking 3 pills/twice daily for 4 weeks now, my symptoms have been drastically reduced. I have also limited carbs from my diet, and I have experienced profound progress. I intend to continue taking this formula, as well as other Dherbs products for a complete recovery and a healthy way forward. Thank you! *
  • Candida Formula

    The candida normalizer is great. It helped reduce bacteria build up I had from a yeast infection. I took it during and after my period. I loved the results. No itching, no discharge, odorous nothing. I also limited tampon use which was the target of my yeast infections. The combination of that desicion and this product left me feeling great...down there. Lol. Just being honest. And this was few months ago, a couple periods ago. No problem at all since then. So I'm assuming it leveled my ph as well. *
  • Candida Formula

    I was having stomach pain and a discharge. I was told that my body was not processing dairy. He told me to use yoni and candida buster and eat lots of fruit. Honestly I was skeptical but my stomach hurt and several Drs. could not help me. i took the products and did what he said. He was right. I had this problem for quite a while. I had used candida and female products before but these worked. therefore I am ordering again and told all my girlfriends. *
  • Candida Formula

    I use to struggle with constant yeast infections even after changing my diet and the prescriptions my doctor gave never worked. Now, I take this regularly and I have NEVER had any issues since. I love all of their products. Good for body and peace of mind! *
  • Candida Formula

    I bought the candida buster for my 18 year old daughter who was experiencing yeast infections recurring boils in her armpits. The product slowly worked to reduce the amount of yeast and acid in her body, thus eliminating the boils and yeast infections. Great product. *
10 results

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